Spinach and feta twists market

Yesterday James and I had a bit of a date ‘day’. Seeing as I’m usually in bed by 9, date nights have become quite rare ;-) We headed to town to see X-Men at the cinema (which was tremendous,♥ James McAvoy with facial fuzz ♥) and then since the market was on, picked up a bite to eat there. I had one of those spinach and goats cheese twists which was delicious but I couldn’t finish it! A little later I had a salted caramel brownie from Pet Lamb Patisserie, an amazing place in the Grainger Market in Newcastle:

Salted caramel brownie

Salted caramel enough said!


Last weekend I got some turnip and radishes in my organic veg box but had no idea what to make with them. I put a shout out on Facebook and Twitter and someone gave me the idea of making a slaw! I shredded those veggies along with some red onion and carrot then added yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. It was delicious! I ate that with a couple of meals:

Burger in lettuce wrapHome made organic beef burger with organic cheese and the slaw on a lettuce leaf wrap

Bacon frittata and coleslawSmokey bacon and spring onion frittata with slaw and salad

Other deliciousness from this week included…

Mixed vegetable and feta bakeBaked aubergine, tomatoes, peppers and courgette with lentils and feta

Salmon salad with tomato chutnSalmon salad with tomato chilli chutney

Butternut squash and bacon hashBacon and butternut hash with spinach topped with a fried egg

Green smoothie with avocado and nectarineGreen smoothie made with spinach, avocado, nectarine and half a scoop of vanilla grass fed whey protein topped with cacao nibs

Fried nectarines with coyoNectarines fried in coconut oil with Coyo coconut yoghurt and flaked almonds

Warm berries yoghurt and hazelnut butterWarm berries with organic yoghurt, chia seeds and hazelnut butter

Not pictured but very much enjoyed has been Green and Blacks 85% chocolate, spelt crackers with butter when I’ve had a little bit of nausea and these chocolate avocado ice lollies:

1 choc avo ice lolly

I shared the recipe for these in my email update, they are so good!


Leopard print leggings gym

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, strength exercises and pilates moves
  • Tuesday – 1 hour Nia dance with one of my community groups
  • Wednesday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, strength exercises and pilates moves 
  • Thursday – about 30 minutes of yoga and pilates moves
  • Friday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, strength exercises and pilates moves
  • Saturday + Sunday: Rest

It’s been a great workout week, I’ve really enjoyed having a good gym routine back. The Nia dance class was really interesting as well, certainly something different! I found it to be almost a mix of Zumba and Tai Chi, you can read more about Nia Dance here. 


H M maternity denim dress with statement necklaceJewelled necklace: H&M, denim maternity dress: H&M, pink belt: Primark, black leggings: Primark

I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago and really love it as it’s so comfortable. I’ve also started experimenting with leaving my hair to dry so it goes naturally wavy. As it’s quite fine, it dries really quickly but I think I need to find something to de frizz it a little though!


Raw chocolate

On Wednesday I got the most lovely gift in the post from one of the ladies who has done my 12 week course. I just thought that was so kind and it really made my day. She knows who she is! Also…

Having the most vivid dream of my life // apple water kefir, my most delicious batch yet! // organic strawberries // First Aid Kit My Silver Lining // a mini natural beauty haul from Holland and Barrett as they had 25% off // Peanut Bounce Balls // more adorable baby boy clothing purchases // my Nephews 6th Birthday tea party


I’m really looking forward to another good week coming up, I just hope we get some more sunshine! Have you ever tried Nia Dance? Do you use a hair drier or let your hair dry naturally? 

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