Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #27


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #27


Chocolate cherry green smoothie

Hey lovelies, happy Sunday! Hope you are having a good one. Thank you so much for all the comments on my post about what healthy means to me and the big changes coming to the blog. I have the best blog readers ever, you all rock! Those changes should be happening tomorrow, so watch this space!

It’s been another busy week (when is it not!) and smoothies have been to the rescue, especially with the warmer weather. I’ve had several of my favourite chocolate cherry green smoothies for post gym breakfasts and snacks. That flavour never gets old! I just blend spinach, frozen cherries (check out Sainsburys for those), cocoa powder, occasionally some plain whey protein powder and coconut water or almond milk. I added coconut oil to the one pictured for more healthy fat action, delish!


It’s been a pretty damn good week of eats I must say. As well as snacking on lots of things I’ve been recipe testing, I’ve enjoyed…

Coconut chia overnight oats with cherries and almond butterOvernight oats made with chia seeds and full fat coconut milk topped with frozen cherries and almond butter

Buckwheat breakfast bowlBuckwheat breakfast bowl made up of buckwheat soaked overnight then drained and rinsed with full fat coconut milk, strawberries and cacao nibs

Curried quinoa and paneer saladGorgeous salad with curried quinoa and bulgur and panfried paneer

Hummus quinoa saladSalad with quinoa and bulgur topped with hummus mixed with harissa paste

Beef burger sweet potato chipsHome made organic beef burger with sweet potato fries, broccoli and ketchup

Summer sausage and bean stewLovely bean and sausage stew with steamed summer greens

Pistachio and cherry raw chocolateHome made raw chocolate bark with pistachios and dried cherries

 On Wednesday I went out for lunch with my old work colleagues to our Durham favourite Oldfields. The food there is locally sourced and always amazing:

Pork belly with beetroot and apple slawPork belly with apple and beetroot slaw

Butternut squash feta lasgangeButternut squash lasagne with feta and greens 

Eton messEton mess

See what I mean? So deliciously gorgeous, especially that Eton mess! It’s graduation week in Durham so the place was buzzing too.



Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, weights for 10 minutes and then my pelvic tilt exercises
  • Tuesday – 30 minute walk
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 30 minute pre natal yoga workout from Yoga Download
  • Friday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, weights for 10 minutes and then my pelvic tilt exercises
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Walk, hopefully about 30 minutes

I really enjoyed my Tuesday morning walk, I’m finding that I need to get into a routine of doing some movement earlier in the morning when I can so I headed out at about 7.30. We have some pretty fields near us so it’s lovely to be outdoors more again, something I miss about running.


Vintage tea dress maternity styleCropped denim jacket: New Look, floral tea dress: vintage, woven tan leather belt: Topshop, black maternity tights: Primark, black boots: Topshop

I went out for tea and a scone with one of my good friends yesterday morning so popped one of my vintage dresses on, I’m surprised it still fits! It was a bit wet out first thing so boots it was! Other than this occasion of getting more properly dressed it’s been leggings and oversized vests all week, so comfortable!


Girlboss book

I’ve been a bit naughty on Amazon this week, that site is way too easy to order from especially when you have Prime! I got #Girlboss as I had heard random good things about it and it sounded right up my street. I’ve really enjoyed reading it so far, Sophia is awesome. I also got a new polka dot Kate Spade case for my Macbook air. Another big thing I loved this week was delivering some sessions around body image and self esteem with young people at a school. It was a pretty big jump out of my comfort zone, but I utterly loved it and the young people responded really well. God I love what I get to do for a living! Also…

Getting our IKEA stuff delivered and the place starting to take shape // watching Persons of Interest on Netflix // baby kicks, love them so so much! // officially in the 3rd and final trimester now, 12 weeks and he’ll be due! // chocolate chip peanut cookies // fresh cherries // you lot being bloody awesome // wonderful sessions with health coaching clients // sorting out my email


Fingers crossed tomorrow or Tuesday the blog changes should all be made and I’ll be at I don’t have any posts planed for the first half of the week but should see you again after that. You shouldn’t have to change any of your RSS readers like Bloglovin etc as everything should be forwarded. I get really nervous with this technical stuff, so send me good vibes! See you at Wholeheartedly Healthy!

What has been your favourite meal out recently? Have you read any good books lately? Anyone else find online shopping a bit addictive?

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  1. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    Yum that chocolate bark looks so good! Also does the food you had at Oldfields, especially that Eton mess!
    Walking in fields is so lovely, I often go for a long walk instead of a run and find it so uplifting :-)

    • Laura

      It was fab, and that chocolate didn’t last very long!

  2. Jess

    Love your smoothies and salads. I think I’ll be trying out the soaked buckwheat bowl as well – I’m very intrigued.

    I can’t wait to see how the new blog looks as well – I hope the move goes smoothly for you, and believe me you can’t be worse than I am when it comes to technology.


    • Laura

      Definitely give it a try, I’m quite hooked on the stuff at the moment. I hope it does go smoothly, I’m working with someone more technical than me to give me a hand so fingers crossed!

  3. Lauren @PoweredbyPB

    Those breakfasts and the bark look so good- really have a craving to make some now! I just got a massive punnet of organic cherries from my farmers market, can’t wait to dig into them!

    • Laura

      Oh the cherries sound amazing, I can’t get enough of them at the moment!

  4. Lauren

    Your eats look so good! Smoothies always rescue me too – such an easy way to pack in a load of goodness that is super filling too!
    That food from Oldfields looks so good!

    • Laura

      Thanks Lauren! smoothies to the rescue always!

  5. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Good luck with the virtual move!
    I love online shopping- I don’t generally have much time to go actual shopping, plus there is not a big shopping mall near me, so some shops are in one town, some are in another, whereas online shops are always open!
    Mmm frozen cherries are always good- Sainsbury’s do the best frozen fruit.

    • Laura

      Thanks Maria! Oh yes online shopping is wonderful and therefore a bit dangerous but useful non the less! Totally agree on Sainsburys, I’d be gutted if they stopped their frozen cherries.

  6. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    I find even when I’m injured and can’t run I have to get outside for a walk. I crave the fresh air and occasional sunshine. I’ll still walk if it’s overcast or raining though. One of the great things about having a dog!
    I’m going to check out the frozen cherries from Sainsburys. I always tend to just got for the blueberries and the summer fruits. But I do love cherries.
    Good luck for the blog move! I’m rubbish with anything blog-related and I work in IT haha!

    • Laura

      I think that’s something I need to work on, I am a fair weather walker! I’m hoping I’ll get out and about more when the baby is here too. Definitely try those cherries they taste fab. I’m working with someone far more techy than me on the blog move so I’m hoping she will wave a magic wand for me!

  7. LilyLipstick

    That dark chocolate bark looks so good and #Girlboss is definitely on my to-read list! x

    • Laura

      I’m going to do a post on GirlBoss I think, really good book with a few gems for everyone!

  8. Kezia

    Cant wait to see your new site:) How fun and thanks for the book recommendation – look like a good read…

  9. Tamzin

    I haven’t been out for a meal in ages but I made that cod and bacon dish the other day which was awesome! Looking forward to the new blog! x

  10. Andrea

    Yummy, those breakfast bowls look so delicious…hmmm, great inspiration for my breakfasts next week :-)
    Oh dear, I have a huge problem with online shopping. Bookdepository is extremely addictive, you wouldn’t believe how much I spent on this website alone in the last couple of weeks! Thank God Ikea doesn’t have an online shop ;-)
    Congrats to the 3rd trimester – only 12 weeks to go, that’s so exciting!


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