Work space

I feel like I’m on a bit of a roll right now, each time I write these monthly posts I struggle to find anything negative to say! I did have that blip in the middle of the month, but other than that it’s been all good. I have really enjoyed my June monthly pledge of being more creative. I shared my little kitchen shelves DIY project and pictured above is my new much larger inspiration board above my desk, as well as my new cart alongside it. I love having a bright and happy place to work!

We’ve disposed of a few pieces of old furniture and placed a big IKEA order for some new things to make our space work better ready for when the baby arrives. Considering that it’s a one bed flat that I also use as my ‘office’ I think we are doing well! I would have loved to go for more individual and quirky items than IKEA stuff, but we don’t really have the time or money right now to seek out different options. I’m hoping that other little design details will make our space more stylish!

As well as lots of interior decor, I officially and completely went self employed this month and things are going so well business wise. I formally got my contract signed with the publisher I’m working with on a big set of recipes for a book, and I’ve had a few one off community projects that have been great fun. My baby bump is also growing every week and I’m now almost officially into the third trimester! I feel like his movements are starting to become more consistent and I just love feeling him kick, it’s a feeling like no other!

Here on the blog I shared recipes for:

Nutella muffin 10

My other fave posts this month include:

Strawberry kefir

I also started my new little series of Something for the weekend posts which I’m really enjoying writing!


July pledge

There are some big changes on the horizon, not only the obvious ones coming with expecting a baby and getting the flat ready, but also blog wise. I’ve got a post coming up later in the week about all of that! I know it’s going to be an exceptionally busy month and there’s lots I want to achieve and that needs to be done, so my pledge is to just go with the flow and not let myself get overly stressed, which admittedly I have a habit of doing! 

I’d also like to just refocus on my activity levels, they have definitely started to slide and not in favour of rest, but in favour of work! I need to remember how important it is for my wellbeing to get some form of movement ideally each day, especially in place of being sat at the computer working.

I also really want to start re focusing on meditation as I discussed in my review of the Mindfulness app and to make sure that I’m making time to generally relax. I know these last few months before the baby comes are quite special really, and I want to make sure that James and I have lots of time together before two becomes three!

How was June for you? If you were to choose a personal pledge for July, what would it be?

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