Behind the scenes of my biz

I mentioned in my wordy post last week that I’d be sharing a post looking at how I run my business. I get so many emails asking me about how I got to be where I am now, I thought it would be fun to record a vlog sharing my journey and some tips for those of you that would love to be your own boss too!

To sum up a few of the main points:

  • My business developed organically when I started writing this blog 5 years ago
  • Doing the Health Coach certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) was a game changer and allowed me to get here
  • My biz uses all of my skills in art and design, community and youth work and health and wellness 
  • When I started my biz I worked full time for a year, then went down to part time and eventually full time
  • Now that I have a baby I work three days a week and have outsourced some tasks to some virtual assistants
  • My income streams are diverse
  • I invested in myself and my business using business coaching and getting involved in other business communities

Top tips for wannabe bloggers and coaches:

  • Start blogging now! 
  • Be authentically you – there’s no such thing as competition when you just put out who you really are, the right people are attracted to you
  • Invest in yourself – get the right support through coaching (shameless plug, I offer that!) or investing in courses that will give you the skills and confidence you need

If any of you are interested in IIN and the health coaching certification, then sign up for my Do What You Love newsletter and get all the details as well as my exclusive discount and support package!

If you are an entrepreneur, what was your journey like? What tips would you have? If you want to run your own business, what do you feel is holding you back? 



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