April Edit


April Edit


April edit

So last month I totally dropped the ball and missed my edit post! To be fair, I was so absorbed with moving house, etc that I was in survival mode and definitely not thriving! I’m happy to say that has changed a lot for April, so here’s some products I’ve been loving this month!

1. Aldi Sports Socks* – These are awesome, especially when you consider they’re only £3.99! The fabric is thick and soft and there’s plenty of ankle coverage, something I don’t always get with my size 8 feet. I’ve worn these for running and the gym and love them! Check out the rest of the Aldi sport range, it’s brilliant!

2. Pana Chocolate – I’m just obsessed with this stuff! Since the Fenwick store in Newcastle had its Food Hall makeover I’ve been taking some rather expensive shopping trips there and I always treat myself to a bar of raw Pana chocolate. Each pack has 6 squares, and 2 squares with an afternoon decaf coffee or cup of green tea just hits the spot!

3. Soupologie* – I’ve featured the delicious soups from Soupologie before, and again now because they are really delicious and so make for handy convenience food. I did have these back at the start of March when life was incredibly full and I wasn’t eating as well as I should have been. These soups helped me feel like I was getting some goodness into me. Bonus points that James and Finley also love them!

4. Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer* – I love my spiralled veggies, but my old bulky spiraliser was in a bit of a state and I really wasn’t sure how much room I’d have in my kitchen to keep it (let’s face it, if you don’t have a big kitchen those big spiralisers can be hard to store). Enter the compact Gefu Spirelli! It’s really small and easy to clean and does an excellent job, like sharpening a giant courgette pencil! I’ve also tried it with carrot, but not yet with sweet potato which I guess you’d need to cut into pieces to fit through it. Still, it’s a brilliant product and makes spiralling veggies really easy. 

5. Natural Nutrients Whey Protein* – I was so excited to find out more about Natural Nutrients as they’re a company local to me based just a couple of miles away. They offer natural, no added crap, supplements including grass-fed whey protein with no nasties which has an amazing texture and tastes absolutely delicious. I’m going to be partnering with them as a proud affiliate as I really love the ethos behind their products and the fact that they’re a local business, so check them out!

6. Sudio Headphones* – These headphones are just super. They look so stylish with a rose gold finish and they work excellently with my iPhone for great sound. I’ve been wearing them to the gym and when I’ve been running (the cord clip comes in handy while running) as well as when I’ve been meditating as they block out the sound of Finley having a tantrum downstairs! Really beautiful and functional headphones. If you fancy them, you can get an excellent 15% discount if you use the code wholeheartedlyhealthy. Check ’em out!

7. Un-Refined Brownies* – I was the very lucky recipient of a box of totally healthy, totally unrefined brownies! Un-Refined make naturally wholesome treats that you can enjoy guilt-free. I really loved these brownies, although they weren’t quite sweet enough for James, so it might be best for those accustomed to healthier treats. What’s great about these is that you can order yourself a box and then pop a few in the freezer so you don’t feel like you have to eat them all in one go. A box of 9 homemade superfood-containing brownies is £19.00. 

8. Green Pasture Farms – I haven’t included a pic of this above as bones aren’t exactly attractive to look at but I wanted to include them on this list. I was on the lookout for good quality grass-fed bones for making bone broth. My immunity has been pants recently and as part of my ‘get back to health’ plan I wanted to make broth regularly. I ordered some beef stock bones along with a few other bits and pieces and they made incredible rich broth. I’ve frozen most of it and then just added the broth to other dishes like black bean soup. If you’re looking for well sourced bones, try Green Pasture Farms.

Which new products have you enjoyed this month?

Items marked * are PR samples which I received with no obligation to feature.


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  1. Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I am obsessed with my spiraliser at the moment and loving adding more raw veggies to my salads.

  2. Maria B

    Well done for coming out the other end of the house move still in one piece! We have started packing boxes in earnest now, and so feel like we are living in a bit of a tip at the moment- I wanted to make some brownies on Sunday for the school bake sale only to realise that my recipe book was packed away- I had to use another not so good one. Looking forward to when it is over! I don’t think I have tried anything new recently- I have been trying not to buy anything new and empty our cupboards a bit instead.

    • Laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy

      It’s a bit limbo land when you’re getting ready to move isn’t it! Hope it all goes smoothly and with minimal stress!

  3. Lucy Birchall

    Pana Chocolate looks so delicious! I think a health food store near me stocks it and I keep seeing it in loads of cute concept stores so really must pick up a bar or two! TELL ME about storing a big old spiraliser, ugh. My kitchen is teeny, and somehow mine fits in down by the side of the fridge, but is a bummer to get in and out. I have a similar handheld spiraliser and it just makes things so much easier!

    She’s So Lucy

  4. AnnaTheApple

    Glad to hear the move has gone well!
    The soup sounds delicious. I love a good soup.

  5. Fran Penberthy

    I love your posts Laura, they’ve helped me so much and you’ve done it again today! I especially like the link to the grass-fed bones for broth – that is just what I was looking for. Thanks.


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