All about Oracle Cards


All about Oracle Cards


If you’re not familiar with oracle cards, prepare to become enlightened! I’ve been using oracle cards for years, ever since I bought my first deck of Tarot cards when I was 16. I’ve shared the odd pic of me using my oracle cards and I know some of you guys were intrigued so here’s a little more information on what they are, how I use them and the oracle card decks I love to use:

The two decks I currently use are:

 The Little Sage Oracle Cards

 Crazy Sexy Love Notes

I also really love the look of Gabby Bernstein’s Miracles Now Cards

IMG 1705

As I say in the vlog, I love that having a little weekly ritual with these cards helps me to hone my intuition, feel connected to a force bigger than myself and generally get my woo woo on, which makes me feel good! I always keep the cards out on my desk for the rest of the week as a little reminder.

If you’re new to using them, as well as taking tips from how I use them, check out this article with a step-by-step guide.

Have you used Oracle cards before? Would you give them a try?

All about oracle cards

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  1. Laura Cutress

    I love that print on your desk! Can I ask where its from please?

  2. Lizzy Queenan

    Thank you for this Laura. I’ll admit that I’m usually pretty sceptical about these kinds of things. However, I want to be a bit more open minded. I wonder if you get the right deck of cards, they could be a useful focus for you, even if you believe that they are drawn randomly. Do you have any friends who use these but without the spiritual belief? (Absolutely not diminishing anyone who does see the universe acting through cards like these. It could easily be that others are seeing something that I can’t quite see)


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