All about oracle cards

If you’re not familiar with oracle cards, prepare to become enlightened! I’ve been using oracle cards for years, ever since I bought my first deck of Tarot cards when I was 16. I’ve shared the odd pic of me using my oracle cards and I know some of you guys were intrigued so here’s a little more information on what they are, how I use them and the oracle card decks I love to use:

The two decks I currently use are:

 The Little Sage Oracle Cards

 Crazy Sexy Love Notes

I also really love the look of Gabby Bernstein’s Miracles Now Cards

IMG 1705

As I say in the vlog, I love that having a little weekly ritual with these cards helps me to hone my intuition, feel connected to a force bigger than myself and generally get my woo woo on, which makes me feel good! I always keep the cards out on my desk for the rest of the week as a little reminder.

If you’re new to using them, as well as taking tips from how I use them, check out this article with a step-by-step guide.

Have you used Oracle cards before? Would you give them a try?