How to make the most of the salad bar

Generally I think eating out is a great opportunity to be treat smart and enjoy something totally tasty, even if it’s not that healthy, it’s all about balance after all! However, sometimes it makes sense to choose a healthier option. Perhaps you’ve already eaten out a few times that month, or you’re focusing in on your healthy eating and want to make a better choice.

Salad bars are usually overlooked as not being very tasty and even the healthiest eaters can sometimes feel uninspired! 

Thankfully Harvester have us covered with some great ideas for creating truly tasty salads, just check out these videos:

These offer some great flavour ideas even if you’re making your salad at home! 

My tips for tasty salads

From personal experience, it is a case of being creative with salad bars and keeping an eye on that salad dressing which can sometimes add quite a lot of calories if you’re excessive with it, although do add some as fat helps our bodies absorb the vitamins in the veggies. Try tossing the greens in your salad with a small amount of dressing before adding the rest of the add ins. In terms of ingredients, obviously load up on veggies and chicken which is a great high protein and filling option. Some restaurants might have some beans or lentils which are brilliant as well. If they have seeds or dried fruit, they can add crunch and flavour with more nutrients than cheese or croutons. 

Have you tried a salad bar when eating out? What did you choose? Which is your favourite salad recipe from the above?

*post in collaboration with Harvester