Updates: where I’m taking this journey now


Updates: where I’m taking this journey now


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Hey lovelies, I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I wanted to write a quick post just to share with you a few updates on how I’m running Wholeheartedly Healthy, and to introduce you all to a very exciting project!

I’ve done a lot of reflecting on Wholeheartedly Healthy these past few months. Since January I’ve been considering what it is I really want to create and share via this site, and as an extension, business. When I first started this blog way back in 2010, I had no idea it would ever grow to become this site, let alone become a business and something that helps sustain me and my family.

I want the focus here to be on supporting as many women as possible to find their unique balance and discover what healthy is for them. I want to inspire women to love themselves and their bodies more, and move away from a diet culture that is destroying our self esteem just as much as our metabolisms. 

Wholeheartedly Healthy has always been a deeply personal place for me and I will continue to share personal stories relating to health, wellbeing and balance, but what I’ve decided to do is make sure that Wholeheartedly Healthy is focused on those three broad areas rather than being diluted with random off-topic posts which I do love to throw in there occasionally.

So I can keep Wholeheartedly Healthy a focused place, I’ve created a personal blog at lauraagarwilson.com to share everything else I’m passionate about, which is actually rather a lot. In part this is a business decision (search engine optimisation and a host of other technical stuff) but also a very personal one.

When I wrote my last wordy post, the amazing Phil emailed me and something she said about her own journey really stuck out. After years of health and wellbeing being the focus, I need to know who I am outside of that and my new personal blog is going to be a place for me to explore it. This isn’t to say I’m not crazy passionate about health and wellbeing, cause clearly I am, just that I need the space to cultivate other ideas and be creative without diluting the purpose of this blog, which is to be serving you with recipes and information that is super practical and helpful as well as hopefully being empowering and inspirational.

So yep, Wholeheartedly Healthy = health, wellbeing, balance, personal stuff relating to that, recipes and relevant sponsored content that supports me to run everything else. lauraagarwilson.com = totally random whatever I want to share place.

I know a lot of you enjoy my more personal everyday posts, so do check out my new blog and don’t forget I’m often on Instagram and now Snapchat (both @lauraagarwilson) for that kind of stuff too. 

Moving on to what I offer to help you on a paid-for basis, as I said a couple of weeks ago, I took my digital products off the shelf for a while to review what it is I’m offering. I created my first e-course 4 years ago and have now 1-2-1 and group coached well over 200 women so I’m at that point of looking at what works and what needs to be improved as well as working closely with my own coach and mentor to help me shape my ideas.

I’m still offering 1-2-1 health coaching and business mentoring, but the way I’ll be doing that in the future will be changing, so if that is something you’re interested grabbing before my prices increase, check it out.

Back in January I had a major light bulb moment about what I wanted to create, yet fear and doubt held me back. Since then it keeps coming back as an idea and now I’m ready to just go for it, because I genuinely feel that something like this is needed now more than ever.



The Balance Club is going to be a place where real women living real lives can get all the support they need to live a healthy, happy, balanced life, all at an affordable cost. Think a diet club without the diet. Community, motivation and inspiration with lots of super practical and useful information. The exact form it will take might change as I work with my coach and mentor, but some form of membership club is something I’m so excited about pursuing!

I’m partnering with Laura from L.C. Personal Training to offer workouts as part of the membership as well. 

I’m aiming to have a beta version of the Club opening in September with a full launch in 2017. 

Hop over to The Balance Club site to sign up for the VIP wait list and come follow the Club on Facebook and Instagram!

I’d love to get your thoughts on the changes and hear about what you’d love to see on the blog, both here and my new personal space. Any thoughts on The Balance Club would be awesome too! 

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  1. Christina Wilmowski

    How exciting! I love how you’re constantly thinking about what you love and what you want to do more of. You’re so inspiring, and have clearly helped so many women, whether you’ve met them or not x

  2. LilyLipstick

    I love the idea of having a more personal blog too – I sometimes struggle with whether content is “right” for my blog or not and it’s great to be able to have another outlet for things which don’t quite fit this site. I’ve always loved your writing so looking forward to reading the new blog! x

  3. Miriam Jones

    Hi Laura, really looking forward to finding out more about the balance club! I actually re-joined slimming world earlier in the year and have so far lost 2 stone, however I do find the approach to food jarring sometimes (can eat as much white pasta as you like etc) but what I have found helpful is the group support. I keep finding myself saying “it would be great if this existed without the diet” but it doesn’t. Will this be solely online or are there plans for groups further down the line? It’s all very exciting anyway and thank you for being brave enough to start something so positive! it’s going to be a game changer! :) X

    • Laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy

      Hi Miriam, apologies for the delay in responding to this! So glad you like the sound of the balance club! I think the big, big dream would be to see it happening like regular diet clubs, so you never know, but for now just looking at being online x

  4. Maria B

    How exciting! I think it’s amazing how your blog and business has grown over these past few years. The balance club sounds like a brilliant idea, I am sure you will get loads of interest so well done for taking the plunge.

  5. Lauren

    Ah Laura, this is all so exciting! This is wonderful work that needs to reach the hearts of many women!! Your personal blog is a great idea too and I can’t wait to get reading over there too!


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