How having an ‘adding in’ mindset can help you stay healthy


How having an ‘adding in’ mindset can help you stay healthy


How having an ‘adding in’ mindset can help you stay healthy

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Sometimes it can be really hard to not focus on all the ‘bad’ things were doing for our health. That takeway you had on Friday night, the late nights you had last week, the kids Easter chocolate you raided – it’s easy to get caught up on those things and have a mindset that really focuses on them. 

But in fact, focusing on those less healthy habits isn’t going to help you start and be more health! So what is? Read on!

Today a big story hit the news, basically saying that some research has been done showing it’s not so much about the food we’re eating that impacts our health, it’s more about the food we aren’t eating enough of that has the biggest impact.

Here’s a quote from The Guardian:

‘But the biggest problem is not the junk we eat but the nutritious food we don’t eat, say researchers, calling for a global shift in policy to promote vegetables, fruit, nuts and legumes’

Obviously I’m not a scientist so can’t comment on how accurate the research is – what it really highlighted to me was getting back to having a mindset that is all around how you can add in the good stuff rather than focus on what you shouldn’t be doing.

The Mindset Perspective

From a mindset perspective, it can be really easy to focus on all the ‘bad’ foods you eat, all the ‘bad’ habits you think you have and be in a place where your brain is focusing on all the negatives and often all of all the depravation.

But what this study (or at least the way it was being reported on BBC Radio 6!) was a reminder that having a mindset where we focus on what we can add in could really make a difference instead of being a bitch to ourselves about the things we believe we shouldn’t be doing.

Embrace Adding In

So embracing an ‘adding in’ mindset and then pairing that up with positive aspects could really help if you’re struggling with taking care of yourself and finding that you focus on the negative stuff.

Positive aspects is a form of journaling I like to do that helps me highlight all the helpful things I’m doing to take care of myself and live my best life. It can be very easy for me to get stuck in a place where all I’m thinking about is the things I’ve done ‘wrong’, so practising positive aspects helps me see the good things too.

Embracing ‘adding in’ might look like:

  • Adding in a portion of veg to as many meals as possible (I’m just about to have some leftover pizza for lunch and I’m going to add a handful of salad!)
  • Going for a walk where you’d usually take the car
  • Going to bed earlier a couple of nights a week
  • Doing a meditation once a week

Then if you’re able to practice positive aspects (click the link for the full post to find out more) then that’s really going to help. See also the Power of Micro Actions for more on why baby steps work!

I know that none of this is rocket science and is all things you’ve probably heard before, but in my experience I do think many of us find it hard to know that adding in these little things is enough – especially while we focus in on the less helpful habits or behaviours we have.

Adding in is sometimes also called crowding out because when we place the focus on all the good helpful stuff we can do for our bodies and minds, we naturally push out the less helpful stuff whether that be food, habits etc.

Also, from a mindset perspective – because our mindset is 80% of what impacts our habits and behaviours – it’s a really great way to think about your self care.

I’d love to know what you think, did you see the study reported on the news? Do you think embracing an ‘adding in’ mindset would help you?

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