How to use blogging to market your coaching business

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How to use blogging to market your coaching business

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So perhaps you’ve heard that blogging can be a really great way to market your coaching business but you’re not really sure where to start?

In this post I’m going to give you a bunch of tips to help you use blogging to help you market your coaching business and get more traffic, email subscribers and clients and customers.

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So if you don’t know me very well, I actually started off my online business career as a blogger. Before I trained to become a coach, I started off as a health and wellbeing blogger, I even won Health Blogger of the Year. Blogging has really been my thing for quite a while!

I think blogging is really awesome and I’m going to explain how we can use the awesomeness of blogging to help us market our coaching business.

How does blogging work as a marketing tool?

Essentially the way that blogs work to help us market our coaching business is that they attract visitors to our websites. Blogs kind of act like a magnet, an attraction tool to get visitors to your website.

Once the visitor is reading the blog post we can do lots of different things to help make that person part of our world and eventually become a client or customer.

So first of all, we need to attract people using the blog posts to our site, and we can do that using things like SEO (search engine optimisation), and also platforms like Pinterest and to a lesser extent other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can also work well too.

Once we’ve attracted people to our website and they’re reading our blog we can showcase our knowledge, our expertise and our ability to help people with a problem they’d like solved or to help them achieve a dream or an aspiration that they have. We can do that through our blog content.

We can also build a relationship with people through our blog content and through sharing what we want to talk about in our posts, the information we share about us and our own journey too.

We can help move people onto our email list so we can capture email subscribers using our blog. And we can also invite people to take a look at our services through our blog posts as well.

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Is Blogging Dead?

Why should we bother with blogging when we have platforms like Instagram and Facebook and TikTok and LinkedIn?

A really important thing about having a blog is that you ‘own’ your blog on your own platform whereas you’ll never really own your following or account on Instagram, (unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg!)

Ultimately with these other social media platforms you are playing in their playground and have to play by their rules.

To a certain extent that can be true with blogging as well – if you want to get your posts seen by as many people as possible you’ll be sharing them on these platforms too and looking at SEO, however your blog will always be yours.

Also a downside of social media is that they don’t tend to like sending people off of their platform which is where we would get people to join our lists or check out our services. (Generally speaking Pinterest and Google SEO DO want to send people to your site)

So when it comes to you selling your services and getting people on your email list just doing social media marketing might mean you’re missing out on what blogging could give you. If we are getting traffic back to our actual website, our asset that we own can be really effective!

Some people have talked about how ‘Blogging is Dead’ I do not think that is true. In fact, I think blogging is going to have a resurgence because people want more control over their content, how they share and how they are creative.

Tips for making blog marketing work for your coaching business

Attract the right people

We need to attract the people who would actually benefit from our services to our blog and our website, and we do that through thinking about the topics, the categories, the kind of content that we’re going to share.

There’s lots of different ways you can think about this. I like to think about the things that I am selling and what kind of content makes sense as a way of inspiring someone around that same topic, to educate them around that or to help them understand something better.

If you also want to think about the search engine optimisation side of things you might want to do keyword research as well and also Pinterest keywords too.

Between these things you can create a content plan and come up with different blog post titles that are going to work.

Creating the post

So the second part of the equation is creating the actual blog post.

Blog posts don’t have to be written, they can also include images, videos and audio. A blog can be anything, which is another reason why they’re awesome, because you can have lots of different mediums of content.

However you want to create them you’ll want the post to be well set out and structured. We want to make sure that our blog post is fully optimised to make sure that all the benefits that I talked about at the start are going to happen – that we’re going to get people on our email list, that we are going to invite them to have a look at our services and get more traffic.

To help you fully optimise your blog posts I’ve created a free checklist which guides you through exactly what each of your blog posts needs to have in place to make it successful. Check it out here and grab the free download!

Share, share, share!

And then finally, I want to make sure that we’re sharing the post as much as possible!

There’s no point in researching and creating really awesome content and putting it in a blog and then not sharing it!

So we want to be sharing it in as many places as we can think of multiple times, most people don’t share their blog posts anywhere near as often enough, including myself!

We need to share them as much as possible. And the great thing about blog posts is they can be shared multiple times for many years. I have blog posts that I wrote in 2014, 2015, 2016, even earlier that are still getting traffic now, and that are still sending people into my world who eventually come to work with me or buy from me.
That’s how awesome blogging is. And it works in a much more sustainable long term way, when a lot of social media is much more fast paced.

So hopefully that’s given you lots of things to think about in terms of how you use a blog to market your coaching business.

Blogging doesn’t have to be boring

One final tip for you in terms of how I approach blogging – it doesn’t all have to be like these very dry, how to / educational type posts.

Sometimes the most effective blog posts can be the ones that are more personal. Blogging started out as a very personal, almost diary-like form of content and I think there’s still a lot of power in those more personal, creative and fun posts. It doesn’t all have to be optimised key word based stuff!

Your blog is the sun in your coaching biz solar system

I see my blog as the centre of my marketing because when you blog and do it well, it can help you create content for lots of other different platforms. It’s like the blog is the sun and your other marketing stuff orbits around it.

It anchors everything on a platform that you own, on your website, where your online home is and all your services as based.

When you see blogging as the sun of your solar system and the most important part of everything, it really makes a lot of sense!

And it can also be like a really fulfilling creative outlet as well. It always has been for me.

If you’d like to take this further do check out my free Blogging Checklist to help you fully optimise your blog posts and get awesome results.

Let me know how it goes and let me know if you notice that you get more traffic or that you have better results from using the checklist!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer, but I hope that’s given you lots of things to think about when it comes to using blogging to market your coaching business!


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