How to use blogging to market your coaching business

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How to use blogging to market your coaching business

Business, most loved

So perhaps you’ve heard that blogging can be a really great way to market your coaching business but you’re not really sure where to start?

In this post I’m going to give you a bunch of tips to help you use blogging to market your coaching business and get more traffic, email subscribers and clients and customers.

Before I trained to become a coach, I started off as a health and wellbeing blogger, I even won Health Blogger of the Year! Blogging has really been my thing for quite a while and I know how incredibly effective it can be as a form of marketing.

In this post I’m going to explain how blogging works as a method of marketing and how you can make it work for you and your business.

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Essentially the way that blogs work to help us market our coaching business is that they attract visitors to our websites. Blogs kind of act like a magnet, an attraction tool to get visitors to your website.

Once the visitor is reading the blog post we can do lots of different things to help make that person part of our world and eventually become a client or customer.

First of all, we need to attract people using the blog posts to our site, and we can do that using things like SEO (search engine optimisation), and also platforms like Pinterest (which is also search based) and to a lesser extent other social media sites like Facebook, Threads and LinkedIn can also work well too.

Once we’ve attracted people to our website and they’re reading our blog, we can showcase our knowledge, our expertise and our ability to help people with a problem they’d like solved or to help them achieve a dream or an aspiration that they have. We can do that through our blog content.

We can also build a relationship with people through our blog content and through sharing what we want to talk about in our posts, the information we share about us and our own journey too.

Via our blog posts, we can invite people onto our email list so we can capture email subscribers. We can also invite people to take a look at our services through our blog posts as well.

As you can see, blogging works in several synergistic ways to help us get in front of new people, connect with them and sell our services to them.


I’ve spoken to many people who have heard that blogging is dead and just isn’t getting results any more. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Yes, there are many social media platforms where people can market their businesses these days such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc

But a really important thing about having a blog, is that you ‘own’ your blog on your own platform whereas you’ll never really own your following or account on Instagram or any other social media platform, (unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg!)

Ultimately with these other social media platforms you are playing in their playground and have to play by their rules.

To a certain extent that can be true with blogging as well – if you want to get your posts seen by as many people as possible you’ll be sharing them on these platforms too and looking at SEO and Google, however your blog will always be yours.

A downside of social media is that they don’t tend to like sending people off of their platform which is where we would get people to join our lists or check out our services. (Generally speaking Pinterest and Google SEO DO want to send people to your site)

So when it comes to you selling your services and getting people on your email list just doing social media marketing might mean you’re missing out on what blogging could give you. If we are getting traffic back to our actual website, our asset that we own, that can be really effective!

So is blogging dead? I actually think that blogging is having a bit of a resurgence as more and more people are becoming disillusioned with social media and want to market their business in a slower and more considered way.

Getting started with blog based marketing

You can get started with blogging very quickly and easily. I always advise anyone new to simply start writing and publishing blogs and to make that writing a regular and consistent practice. That’s honestly the hardest part.

Once you’re creating blog content on a fairly consistent basis then you can layer in strategies such as SEO and more complex content planning. The reason I suggest starting this approach is because starting to blog and having to think about all the bells and whistles that come with SEO etc can just be completely overwhelming.

If you want some help in getting started with writing a blog post and structuring it, then check out my free blog post checklist below:


One final tip for you in terms of how I approach blogging – it doesn’t all have to be very dry SEO robot sounding posts – in fact when it is it’s not actually that helpful!

Sometimes the most effective blog posts can be the ones that are more personal. Blogging started out as a very personal, almost diary-like form of content and I think there’s still a lot of power in those more personal, creative and fun posts. It doesn’t all have to be keyword optimised based stuff!


I see my blog as the centre of my marketing because when you blog and do it well, it can help you create content for lots of other different platforms. It’s like the blog is the sun and your other marketing platforms orbit around it.

It anchors everything on a platform that you own, on your website, where your online home is and all your services are based.

When you see blogging as the sun of your solar system and the most important part of everything, it really makes a lot of sense!

And it can also be like a really fulfilling creative outlet as well. It always has been for me.

If you’d like to access more support in getting started with blogging, then check out Content Marketing for Coaches Club and join us for just $9 to access a whole set of resources designed to make blogging a successful form of marketing for your coaching business.


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