Making Bold and Brave Decisions in Your Business with Isa-Welly


Making Bold and Brave Decisions in Your Business with Isa-Welly


Isa Welly is a nutritional therapist and wellness coach who I’ve known online for a while. When I think of other multi-passionate, wholehearted women in the online business space she’s one of the first people I think of. She’s just fab!

In this interview we chat about her business, who she works with, her current offers and how she markets them.

We also really dive into what it’s like to make scary decisions in your life and business when you know something isn’t quite right for you, how being multi-passionate shows up for her in her business, why her email list is still her number one priority despite having an online following of well over 100k and what success looks like for her – spoiler alert it’s a good one!

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