How to create an awesome freebie to grow your coaching business


How to create an awesome freebie to grow your coaching business


Having an awesome freebie that attracts people to join your email list is one of the best ways to grow your business and market your services as a coach.

But creating a freebie that really works for you can be tricky, so here’s some tips and things to think about when it comes to creating a freebie that people can’t wait to download.

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What is a freebie?

Before we dive into how to make your freebie more awesome, let’s get clear on what a freebie actually is. Sometimes called a lead magnet or free gift, it’s something you offer people for free in the hope that they will then join your email list so you can build a relationship (i.e market to them) there.

A freebie can take many different forms such as:

  • PDF guide
  • Checklist
  • Quiz
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Mini Course
  • Free call
  • Discount code
  • A section of a bigger paid offering (like a free chapter of a book)

Making your freebie appealing to your ideal clients should mean you’re filling your list with people who are a good fit for your paid offers.

Something that’s absolutely key to remember when it comes to freebies is that it doesn’t matter how awesome it is, if you aren’t getting eyes on it, then it’s not going to work. See your freebie as a part of your marketing ecosystem – you’re also going to need some way of getting traffic to your website or the freebie landing page for it to work to grow your list.

My fave way to get eyes on your freebie is via Blogging!

Choosing the right topic

For your freebie to be successful you need to choose the right topic. Consider your ideal client, what are they struggling with? What problems are they experiencing? What aspirations do they have? Can you create something that will help them with one of these things?

You also need the topic of the freebie to dovetail into your paid offering. Is there a step that would be helpful for someone to take or a concept that would be useful for them to understand that links into your paid offering?

Choosing the right format

As listed above, there’s various different forms a freebie can take, which is going to make the most sense given the topic you’ve chosen? We want people to actually use our freebie and gain value from it rather than download it and never use it.

Consider how much time your ideal client has. If your people are busy Mothers, then a 90 minute long video probably isn’t going to get watched. But perhaps a 10 minute podcast style audio will.

Don’t forget you can also offer your freebie in multiple formats. If you have a video training can you pull off the audio so they can listen on the go? Can you create a PDF with written notes?

Offering value

Sometimes we can shy away from offering our best, most valuable work for free. The problem is, especially when it comes to freebies, giving people something that is just ok isn’t going to cut it.

You want to wow them! Make them think this is the best thing since sliced bread (toasted with avocado of course). If they get a lot of value from your free thing, it’s going to give them a lot of confidence in your paid services – so don’t be afraid to give massive value.

If you’re concerned about giving away so much they won’t go on to buy from you, revisit how it links with your paid services, for the right people, it should make your paid stuff make even more sense to them.

Include your brand and unique positioning

Once you have the topic, format and value nailed, it can be useful to consider how you can incorporate your brand – not just your visual brand, we want to be thinking about how we can include your brand voice, your values and how we can share your positioning. These things can elevate your freebie from just being like any other PDF, to something that really stands out.

‘Sell’ your freebie

Just as we want to include lots of value in our freebie, we also want to ‘sell’ it. It’s not enough to just whack it up on a page on your site, it can be helpful to write sales copy for the freebie that communicates why people should sign up for it, what they’ll get and what outcomes they’ll experience from it too.

Make it part of your marketing ecosystem

As I mentioned at the start, making sure your freebie fits within your entire marketing ecosystem is key. That means you’re getting traffic to your website and the landing page and it might also mean that the freebie is followed up with a sequence of emails – a sales funnel that directs people towards your paid offering.

In time, as your business grows, you might even want to create a freebie that links to each paid service you have available.

You can check out all of my freebies on my Everything Page!

I’d love to know if these tips have helped you – leave me a comment below or message me using the button in the bottom right.


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