Managing your emotional and energetic state for a more successful coaching business


Managing your emotional and energetic state for a more successful coaching business


I’ve heard a few people talk about how starting a business is like taking a self development course. You don’t always expect it at the time, but the journey of starting and growing a coaching business is going to teach you so much about yourself, it really can be quite transformational.

We all know we need to figure out how to do sales and marketing and structure a programme and things like that, but to create a successful coaching business I think there’s a few other unexpected areas we need to learn about and develop in order to run a successful coaching business that we love.

One of those unexpected things is our ability to manage our emotional and energetic state and how that relates to the running of our businesses, how we manage our clients, our boundaries or lack thereof and if you want to get a bit woo about it, how we manifest things into our business as well.

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So what do I mean when I talk about our emotional and energetic state?

Here’s an example.

Let’s say that you’re launching your first group programme. You’ve ran an awesome challenge, people have been engaging in it and you’re sending out your sales emails but no one has signed up yet and there’s only 3 days until you close the cart.

At this point it’s easy for you to panic and start feeling really negative. You might feel like no one is going to sign up and it’s all going to be a massive fail. You feel like a failure, you might feel a bit resentful that you’ve put so much work into running a free challenge and no one has joined after it (even though you know no one ‘owes’ you signing up).

At this point there’s two ways things can go.

You can allow these emotions to create an energetic state where you feel defeated and everything feels pointless. When you’re in that kind of energetic state, you won’t bother sending that extra last minute sales email, or going live to talk about your programme. Maybe you do get some sign ups or maybe you don’t, but your vibe is low, and that carries into your actions and behaviours (and potentially what you manifest as well)


You recognise the emotions that are coming up. You’re holding space for them to be processed and acknowledged. You’re not using toxic positivity to try and squish them down. Once you’ve allowed them to come up and be dealt with, you work on improving your energetic state so you feel more optimistic and creative. That in turn leads to you taking actions you wouldn’t have taken otherwise and guess what – you get more clients sign up – but even if you hadn’t, you would have still held a fairly positive energetic state.

When we learn to manage our emotions and energetic state as it relates to our businesses we’re able to show up from a much more proactive place. We’re more resilient to the various ups and downs that can be totally normal in business and it makes our whole business journey more enjoyable because we’re not being tossed from one meltdown or crisis to the next.

Business wobbles are a thing, and can be normal in business but we don’t want to be experiencing them constantly!

In all honesty I’m quite new to the whole concept of energetics so this is just my basic understanding, but something I feel has shifted really considerably for me over the last couple of years is being able to manage my energy better so I’m able to show up in my business from a more stable foundation.

I used to feel like I was on a rollercoaster of lows (getting no clients that month, comparing myself to other coaches, feeling like I was crap, getting less than stellar feedback on something) to huge highs (£10K months, great testimonials, being featured in the press) and it was all a bit exhausting to be honest – however, a lot of these highs and lows are all part and parcel of running a business and over time I’ve been able to better manage my emotions and energetic state across the whole range of ups and downs.

It’s not even about the ‘big’ emotions or experiences either, A massive part of me being better at managing how I feel (and this links not just to business but my relationship with food, money etc) is being able to drop in inside myself and seek out the things that are making me feel uncomfortable or anxious below the surface.

So often I’ll notice I’m feeling a bit off, or I’m jittery or I’m starting to reach for some numbing out mechanisms and I’m able to ‘drop in’ and identify what it is that’s making me feel that way – maybe I scrolled passed another coaches Instagram post and it’s triggered a bit of comparison or not feeling good enough.

Usually just acknowledging the thing is enough to release the negative emotion but sometimes other practices help me as well. Here’s a few favourites that help me manage my energetic state.

  • Exercise and moving my body
  • Listening to music that makes me feel good
  • EFT
  • Listening to a guided meditation
  • Using affirmations or power thoughts
  • Getting out in nature
  • Having an orgasm!

As I mentioned in the example, this isn’t about toxic positivity and just ignoring or pushing away negative emotions – it’s all about acknowledging them first and then taking action to create a better energetic state.

I loved something that Glendon Doyle has written about and that’s how it’s ok to feel the full spectrum of human emotions – it’s not necessarily a bad thing to feel uncomfortable or frustrated, but at the same time I don’t think it’s good for most of us to hang out in that emotional state for long periods of time especially when it can impact how we show up in our businesses.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this one, how have your emotions / energetic state influenced how you show up in your business? Let me know in the comments!


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