Feeling stuck in your coaching business? Here’s how to break through to the next level


Feeling stuck in your coaching business? Here’s how to break through to the next level


We all have times in our business when we can feel a little stuck and stagnant. Maybe it’s that we’ve hit an income plateau, a ‘glass ceiling’ perhaps we’ve ‘fallen out of love’ with what we do, maybe we’re just feeling a little burned out.

Whatever the reason, it’s not a state of being we want to remain in, so how can we break through to the next level and get unstuck? Here’s some tips and ideas to help you move forward in your coaching business.

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Why do we get stuck?

There are many reasons we can feel stuck in our coaching business. Here’s a few examples:

  • Our income has stopped growing – or has even reduced
  • Something has happened that has caused us to lose our confidence
  • We have poor boundaries and that’s leading us to feel resentful of our clients – and even on an energetic level that could mean that we’re repelling clients!
  • We don’t have a plan because we simply don’t know what the next step should be
  • We’re just massively overwhelmed

A lot of feeling stuck comes down to understanding our goals and our version of success. When we feel like we aren’t making progress towards that for some reason, it can often give us that ‘stuck’ feeling.

Here are 5 ways you can begin to get yourself unstuck.

5 ways to get yourself unstuck

Identify what’s working and what’s not working

Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck, we can’t really put our finger on why things aren’t moving forward or in the direction we’d like. Spending some time reviewing all areas of your business and even your life, and asking yourself what’s working and what isn’t working is a good simple task you can do to see if it sheds any light on what might be going on for you.

Once you have that information, make tweaks and changes to double down on what is actually working and fix the things that aren’t working.

Check in with your mindset

Our mindset has such a big influence on our actions and behaviours, and if you want to get woo about it, also on what we manifest into our life. Sometimes our mindset and subconscious and conscious beliefs are keeping us stuck. Doing some work to improve your mindset and explore what beliefs you hold about your business, the success you can create through it, how you feel about money and your worth – all of this can have a really big impact when it comes to getting stuck. 

Simplify – in a way that makes sense for you

I feel like most people that feel a bit stuck are overwhelmed in some way. A good solution to this is to simplify things – but only in a way that makes sense for you. Perhaps that’s simplifying your marketing, reducing the number of offers you have or streamlining your processes. Maybe part of this simplification is looking at what I suggested in my previous tip, and doubling down on what is actually working in your business so you can maximise your results.

Try something new

Sometimes when we feel stuck it’s because we’re doing what Einstein warned us against:

‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’ – Albert Einstein

If we’re constantly just doing the same things over and over again we’re going to get the same results. Something probably needs to change – and often significantly – to get you unstuck.

For example, if we’re looking at an income plateaux, then maybe that’s raising your prices, restructuring your offers, scaling up your coaching business or outsourcing.

If it’s a lack of boundaries keeping you stuck then what new boundaries do you want to put in place?

I know this can be a tricky one because sometimes we don’t actually know what the new thing needs to be to get the different result we want, and that leads me nicely into my final tip…

Work with a coach or mentor 

You know I couldn’t miss this one out! Obviously, as a coach and a mentor I know how powerful working with someone in this way can be for moving you forward and getting unstuck. I believe that when you work with someone in a coaching or mentoring relationship, it’s impossible to still be in the same place you were when you started. 

Working with a coach or mentor should help you identify what’s working and what’s not, shine a light on your mindset issues so you can address them and give you lots of ideas for how you can make practical changes to your business in order to get different results – i.e getting you unstuck!

If you feel like working with a coach or mentor would make sense for you and your business then check out my Thrive 1:1 coaching package. 

This package will be changing quite soon, and my new packages will be priced at a higher rate so if you’re interested in working with an experienced business mentor with a lot of knowledge on what works for business to consumer coaches (that’s you health and life coaches!) then check out all the details here.

The price goes up on 1st April 2023.

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