How to scale your coaching business


How to scale your coaching business


If you’re doing well gaining 1:1 clients and the idea of making more money and creating more impact in less time sounds appealing to you then it makes sense to start thinking about how you can scale your coaching business.

But what is scaling and how do you do it? And is scaling even going to be right for you? I’m going to share some tips and a step by step process for how you can scale your coaching business, let’s dive in!

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Scaling or growing?

The first thing to understand is the difference between simply growing your coaching business and actually scaling it.

You can grow your coaching business by increasing your prices or working more hours but when you’re scaling your business the link between the number of hours you work and the income and impact you can create is broken.

Scaling means that the amount of income potential your business has is no longer reliant on the amount of time you have to put in.

This might also be described as moving from working 1:1 to 1:Many.

However, you do have to build the systems and products to make it happen and nothing is ever completely passive as marketing usually needs to be an ongoing activity.

Are you ready to scale?

Before you start getting excited at all the different things you can create to help you scale, you need to make sure your business is ready for it.

This usually means that you are attracting 1:1 clients without too many issues, that you feel confident in your niche and the problems you help your people solve or the aspirations you help them achieve.

I also think it makes sense to have some people already in the business – basically some existing leads, maybe that’s a couple of hundred people on your email list or a sizable following on social media.

If you don’t already have these things in place, then it makes sense to aim to achieve those before you spend a lot of time creating a new product or service.

Marketing first

This kind of goes against some popular advice, but one of the first things I’d be looking at when it comes to scaling is your marketing.

When you move from 1:1 to 1: Many it’s not as simple as just creating a new thing, if you don’t have the marketing set up to create the flow of leads (aka amazing humans) into your business to sustain the numbers you’d need to make the new thing work, then you’ll fall at the first hurdle.

So getting the marketing right from the get go and actually looking at scaling the marketing first is going to help everything work further down the line.

Decide what scalable offer is going to work for you and your business

There’s a lot of options when it comes to what you can create that can help your business scale.


  • Group programmes
  • Memberships
  • Courses (live or self study)
  • Masterminds
  • Digital products

Each of these can be very different in terms of price point, profitability, delivery, marketing etc so it’s a decision to take some time considering which is going to work for you.

Create the new offering

The next step is to create your new thing! However, I’m a big fan of pre-selling before you actually spend loads of time creating something, so that can also be an option if you want to test out the idea of a new offering with your current audience.

Some of the scalable offering ideas also need more work upfront than others so that’s another thing to consider too.

Consider how you’ll sell the new offering

There’s lots of different ways you can sell your new offering depending on what it is. The pricing of it also needs to be considered here, especially as pricing can be part of the sales mechanism in some cases (for example if you’re going to have an early bird price or a special offer as part of an evergreen funnel)

If you’re launching or setting up an evergreen funnel that’s something that will need to be created or planned out at this stage too.

If you have more than one offering, you’ll also want to consider how they fit into each other as part of a wider ecosystem of offerings. There’s lots of benefits to creating a multi offer business!

Look at your marketing – again!

Yes, we might have looked at marketing before but let’s look at it again now the new offering is created. Does anything about how you market need to be improved to help fill your new container and make consistent sales?

Track your numbers and soft metrics

Once your new offering is out into the world you’ll want to keep an eye on how everything is working. How many sales are you making? How much profit is it generating? What’s your conversion rate? Retention rate etc? Those metrics are important but don’t forget the ‘softer’ metrics like how much fun you’re having, the feedback you’re getting from people, the impact it’s having on your lifestyle etc.

Don’t forget outsourcing

Of course a very straightforward way to begin scaling is by outsourcing some of the work that you spend time doing. You could do this before or after creating your scalable offering. Outsourcing basically gives you more of your time back to do other more profitable tasks in your business. If you’re doing a lot of repeatable, admin type tasks then it’s definitely worth looking at working with a Virtual Assistant who is usually a lot quicker at doing them than you are so you can focus on the work that is most profitable and impactful – or maybe you just spend some of that time for your own self care!

There is a step by step process for considering how to create a scalable offering so you can create more income, impact and time freedom.

If you’d like to explore what your scalable offer could look like, why not book a clarity call with me? In this call I can help you identify if your business is ready to scale, which scalable offer would be most successful and how to put it all together, market it and then sell it.

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