How can we create more ease in our coaching businesses?


How can we create more ease in our coaching businesses?


If you are a coach who’s feeling the struggle right now and you just wish things could be easier in your business, then this post is for you. We’re going to explore some ways you can create more ease and calm in your business.

Recently I shared a post all about how hard it can be to be in the phase of your coaching business where you’ve just qualified and have your website and everything set up and are starting to market yourself and try and get clients.

This part of the journey can be so tricky, and in that post I just wanted to share that I understand how hard it can be – and that if you’re finding it hard that’s normal and there’s nothing inherently wrong with you if it’s not all smooth sailing!

But as hard as building a coaching business can be at times, there’s actually a lot we can do to invite more ease into the whole process and that’s what I’ll be sharing today.

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How are we making this harder than it needs to be?

A question I often ask myself is ‘am I making this harder than it needs to be? How am I overcomplicating things? How I’m making this more difficult and where can I simplify things here?’

There’s lots of different things that come into this, but it can be really useful just to look at those particular areas of business where things feel sticky and difficult and ask yourself, ‘how am I making this more hard?’

There’s more tips linked to this coming up around simplifying etc, but this one for me is almost always about a mindset that I have where things can’t possibly be simple or easy and still get results. It’s like I invite in the ‘hardness’ because I expect it has to be that way.

What energy are you inviting into your business?

Another thing that I think we can ask ourselves if things are feeling a bit difficult, is what energy am I inviting into my business? And is that energy helpful or unhelpful?

Sometimes this is about who we are getting our advice from or who we are following on social media.

Asking yourself if you’re feeling a massive amount of comparison with the people that you’re following and thinking about who’s emails you’re getting and really asking yourself is that the energy of ease or is that the energy of struggle?

It’s a really difficult one because, as I’ve talked about before, If we are selling services we do need to talk about the problems because I think just ignoring that people have problems and struggles isn’t helpful, but we need to also talk about the outcomes that we want people to achieve and the aspirations that they might have. So if you’re getting emails from others who are selling, it might be that they are leaning more on the pain points side of things than is helpful to you.

It’s also interesting to look at the energy and the voices that are contributing to how you might be feeling and your viewpoint on things.

Do any of the people you invite into your space – whether that’s your inbox, your bedside table (I’m thinking books here!) or your social media feed making you feel not enough or like you’re not doing enough? If so, unsubscribe or unfollow – it’s ok!

Setting the right goals

Most of us in business will have some kind of goals or intentions that we are working towards. But sometimes those goals can be contributing towards those feelings of struggle.

In my own experience, I’ve found that some goals I’ve had can really activate the energy of expansiveness, but others really activate the energy of lack – and it’s those goals that contribute to things feeling hard.

If you want to invite in more ease to your business, then take a look at your goals and aspirations – how do they feel on an energetic level? Do they feel light and expansive? Or do they activate feelings of lack, not enoughness or struggle? If so, switch those goals up until they feel more aligned for you.

Make peace with your pace

We are all going to have a unique journey as we build our businesses and I feel that something which can contribute to that struggle feeling is feeling like you’re not where you wish you could be in terms of your journey or results.

Knowing that things can take time, and that many external factors influence how quickly you can make progress, making peace with your pace and accepting your own timing can really help neutralise struggle and bring in more easefulness.

That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with wanting things to move more quickly and doing things to try and achieve that. It’s more about accepting your own set of circumstances that form the foundation of how you get to work and therefore impact your results.

Look at how your business can show up for you

Something else I feel is interesting in this whole conversation around ease, is our relationship with our businesses and how our businesses can show up for us.

For me, this is such an important conversation to have, and I really think that one of my core things around business, and around how Wholeheartedly Laura is as a brand, is how our businesses can show up for us.

This doesn’t just have to be in a financial sense, but in all the other, multi-dimensional ways. I’ve been loving the whole concept of multidimensional abundance and recognising that abundance is not just money. So while money is clearly important, there’s a whole range of other ways your business can bring abundance into your life.

In the early days it might be that part of the struggle is feeling like you’re putting a lot of work into your business and not getting anything out.

So maybe it’s about looking at the little ways that your business is giving something back to you. Maybe it’s providing a creative outlet, and actually that’s the way that your business gets to show up for you in the early days. Maybe it’s about how it helps you feel that you’re making an impact in the world. Maybe it’s that it provides a vehicle for your own personal development and your own personal journey. It’s looking at it from all these different angles, and again, that really helps with this whole feeling of struggle and actually brings in a lot of ease.

Simplify things

Next up is how can we simplify things? Sometimes when we feel a lot of struggle and we want to invite that ease in, simplifying stuff and actually stripping stuff right back can be a really positive thing to do.

Simplification in my business is something that I’ve always struggled with and I think a good question to ask yourself if you struggle with simplifying things is what’s the fear behind the idea of simplifying?

So for me, simplification in my business often looks like closing down programs or retiring programs and stopping doing things. And the fear that comes up around that is that there’s going to be less money and less routes for money to find me and so on – so just recognising that fear is useful.

For you, maybe it’s simplifying your systems, your marketing (maybe deciding to ditch a social media platform!) or stopping working with a certain kind of client. Just look out for the fear the idea of stopping doing something brings up and work through that.

Sometimes simplifying things is finding a better way to do things that is more time and energy efficient so take a look at those areas of your business that feel ‘sticky’ and see if there’s anything that can be tweaked to make them easier.

Ditch the shoulds

In business, like many other areas of life, we can get stuck in the habit of doing things because we think we ‘should’ or because we think that’s the way things ‘should be done’.

This is your invitation to question those ‘shoulds’ in your life and business and ask yourself if they are truly serving you or not.

Perhaps there’s an industry standard business practice you’ve implemented but it’s leading to nothing but headaches yet you’re holding on to it for dear life because it feels like ‘proper coaches’ all do it. Let it go!

Next steps

Hopefully this has given you lots of ideas about how we can bring more ease into the equation and neutralise some of that struggle a little too!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this! Let me know in the comments how you’ve been able to invite more ease into your coaching business.

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