How to use YouTube to grow your coaching business and get more clients


How to use YouTube to grow your coaching business and get more clients


If you enjoy video and you want to grow your coaching business then maybe you’re wondering how you can use a platform like YouTube to get more clients. Maybe you’re just done with social media and are looking for a new platform to use in your marketing.

In this post I’m going to break down a whole strategy for how you can use YouTube to effectively market your coaching business and get more clients.

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Is YouTube still a relevant platform?

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform* in the world after Facebook. It also has 2.56 Billion Monthly Active Users. It’s still an incredibly active platform with a huge opportunity for growth in any niche or industry. It’s still the go to place for sharing long form video.

*I don’t consider YouTube social media FYI – because it’s more search based it has a different feel to the likes of Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

We also still know that video as a medium in and of itself is incredibly powerful when it comes to creating connection and driving sales, both of which are really helpful when it comes to growing a coaching business!

But I’m not confident with video

Obviously YouTube is a video based platform so you need to be comfortable creating videos. However, just like everything else, there’s a learning curve with being visible on video and sharing those videos publicly.

The truth is your first videos probably won’t be very good – and that’s ok! Like everything, we have to start somewhere but the important thing is that we do actually start.

My whole approach to things is to just start where you are and then layer in additional levels of strategy or extra features as you go – this is exactly what I did with my YouTube Channel.

I first started sharing videos on there over 8 years ago, and up until very recently they’ve always just been simple videos filmed on a webcam with pretty much no editing at all.

And despite them not being super ‘professional’ they still worked well and got me results in my business. When I started The Wholehearted Business Show, which my YouTube Channel is part of, I made more of an effort with editing, eventually adding an intro video, music and B-roll footage – but all that happened over the course of a year.

So yep, getting started with video can feel a bit scary and overwhelming but start by keeping it simple and know that you have to simply start if you’re going to get anywhere with anything at the end of the day!

Your YouTube Client Attraction Strategy

Look at where YouTube fits in your overall marketing strategy

The first thing to decide is how YouTube is going to fit into your overall marketing and client attraction strategy. What other forms of content marketing do you have going on? Do you want YouTube to be a standalone element or fit together with the content you share elsewhere? Do you also want to utilise YouTube shorts – YouTube’s version of Reels or TikToks?

My whole strategy is to create blog, podcast and video content as one single ‘multi platform show’ – a strategy I teach in the Supported Level of Content Marketing for Coaches Club or my course How to Create a Multi Platform Content Show.

A reminder that this form of content marketing is a relatively slow burn when it comes to converting to clients, but it does form a vitally important sustainable lead generation system that will pay dividends to your business for years to come. Unlike other social media where your content has a shorter life cycle, YouTube content can be found by ideal clients for years to come.

Create a Content Plan

There are 3 key types of content you’ll want to create if you want to attract clients on YouTube – attraction, connection and sales. Each of these forms of content work in synergy to attract the right people into your world, to build a connection with them and then sell them your services.

Planning out what videos you’d like to create and making sure everything links back to your niche, offers, freebies and any other sales systems you have is going to be key in making YouTube work for you.

You may also want to do some research on YouTube SEO so your videos are more likely to be found and watched by your ideal audience – however, if this feels overwhelming it’s ok to just start! You can create more strategic videos for SEO once you’ve found your feet. Even videos you create with no thought to SEO can be found in searches so don’t think it’s pointless to create videos without an SEO basis as that’s not the case.

You’ll also want to decide how often you create new videos and if you’re going to release them on a specific schedule. I like to plan content every quarter and then batch create videos for The Wholehearted Business Show every couple of weeks.

Again, this is all something I cover in more detail in Content Marketing for Coaches Club!


Obviously to create video you’ll need some equipment – but don’t let it put you off! You can get started creating videos using a decent phone camera or a webcam. I use a Logitech webcam connected to my laptop to record into Quicktime. It’s not essential but a decent microphone can make a difference as well. I used to use a Blue Yeti Snowball then upgraded to a standard Blue Yeti.

You don’t have to edit your videos at all, but if you want to try your hand at editing I recommend trying Descript – I absolutely love it and it works well for turning clips from your videos into short form videos if repurposing is part of your strategy.

Setting up your channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is pretty straightforward – just head over to YouTube and sign in with a Google Account to create your channel. You’ll want to create a header graphic and write a channel description. You might want to think about any playlists you want to organise your videos into as you get going.

You might also want to think about how you want your video thumbnails to look across your channel and create a template for those, as well as any intro graphics or end credit designs you want to use in your videos too.

Creating your videos

Once you’ve got your equipment, content plan and channel setup it’s time to start recording your videos!

As I said above, if you do want to do some editing Descript* is my first choice, Loom is another favourite where you can do some light editing as well and for short videos Canva can be a useful editing too as well

Publish your video and share it

Now it’s time to publish your video, add all the bits that YouTube needs such as a description, chapter markers if you want to use them etc. Then you can schedule or publish your video and it’s out and into the YouTube universe!

If you have an existing email list or social media channels now is a great time to share the video and encourage some views and interaction from that aspect, but remember that part of what makes YouTube effective is that views and engagement can happen over a long period of time, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get an influx of views in the first week.

Ok, so how does all this get me clients?

YouTube, and the process I’ve described above, can help you get clients in a few different ways. Either they find you via a video and then head straight over to your website or check out a specific offer or service you mention in a video, or maybe you share a freebie in your videos and then build a relationship and sell to them on your list once they’re there.

In addition, sharing strategic attraction, connection and sales content is going to help sharpen up that process too!

If this post has got you interested in how you can use YouTube in your own coaching business then do check out my membership Content Marketing for Coaches Club where I help coaches create sustainable and effective content marketing strategies that aren’t based on social media.

Learn more about Content Marketing for Coaches Club here.

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