How to sell your coaching services with more confidence


How to sell your coaching services with more confidence


One of the most tricky things to get used to as a coach is selling your coaching packages, essentially because what you’re selling is yourself!

So how do you start to feel more confident with selling in general and how can you start and communicate the value of your coaching package so that selling feels much easier and much more fun?

Here are a range of ideas, tips and strategies to feel better around sales.

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One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make is getting hung up on the value of the actual features of the package, so how many calls the package includes what kind of support is included etc however what’s most important is the value of the transformation the package is going to create. When you focus on the value of that transformation it should make pricing and selling your package easier because you can really focus on the change and transformation it’s going to create for people rather than just thinking about the bits and pieces that are included in the package.


This is something I shared in my recent live challenge and it’s something I find personally really helpful when it comes to sales. It’s simply a paragraph or two that sums up how you are going to approach sales and what it helps you do is define the way in which you’re going to show up when you’re selling – things you’re going to do and things you aren’t going to do. Having this clearly defined can give you more confidence when it comes to selling. Here’s my sales manifesto:

‘I will always do business in the way I’d like it done with me. I will never pressure or financially shame anyone in how I approach sales. I invite people to take the next step with me because I value my work and the results I know I can help people achieve. I will put systems in place such as payment plans to support accessibility to my offers. When directly contacting someone about an offer I will always ask for their consent before making the invitation’


Another mistake I sometimes see coaches make is in how they price their coaching packages. Often we underprice, it’s just one of those things we tend to do and that’s ok. But what happens when we under price is that we become resentful because the energy exchange in terms of what you’ve given to your clients is not matched in what you are getting in return in terms of the monetary value.

We need to appropriately price our packages and price them in a way that feels just on the edge of what feels comfortable for us, because what we don’t want to do is price the thing so high that we just can’t show up and fully sell the package at that price.

I don’t believe that’s a useful thing to do, so when we price something at what I call an ‘expansion price’ we are are at the very edge of our comfort zone so we are pushing our price upwards but we are still able to fully show up and sell that thing with more confidence than if we were selling something at a price that was so high we can’t confidently own it.


It can be useful to practise exactly how you’re going to sell your package to someone on a call before you’re actually sat there, you know in the call!

This might be practising a little script on how you’re going to invite someone to take that next step with you so that the next time you find yourself in a sales call you feel more confident because you know exactly what to say rather than just winging it.

Another thing that you can do as well around this is to have a down-sell option available. This is something that might feel good to some people and not others and it’s totally up to you if this resonates, but if you are worried about people saying no to your offer try having a down sell in place ready so that if they say no and it’s not right for them that you have another offer that you can present that is perhaps a bit of a scaled back version and a bit lower priced than your full offer. They might then find that a more comfortable starting point with you so it can be useful as part of your pitch to have that down-sell prepared in advance.


My next tip is all around making sure that you get consent before you start to sell, recently I’ve been in a lot of discussions around respectful sales and how we do sales without being exploitative or generally horrid! Something that is really simple to do is to ask people for consent before you start to sell them something. In a sales call this might be simply saying to them:

‘I have something available that I think would be really good for you, is it ok if I tell you more about this?’

That way you are asking that person’s consent before you start to tell them about the offer. This can make you feel a bit more confident when it comes to sales because you’re not ambushing anybody on a sales call!


When it comes to sales it can be easy for your mindset and your energy to get into a really funky place – sometimes you can feel a bit desperate, anxious, maybe panicky – and when you’re trying to sell from that space it’s just not a really good place to be so it can be really helpful to get yourself into a good positive energetic place before you’re getting on a sales call or writing sales copy for example.

That might be doing a meditation, doing some EFT, thinking about how you can structure things in your life so that you are not in the position of being in a place where finances are really pressured.

Just spending some time tending to your energy can have a big impact and help you feel so much more confident.


Whenever you get positive feedback in your work, keep it all in a special ‘kind words’ file. Maybe it’s a folder in your inbox or a Notion or Google Doc, but keep all of the nice things that clients have said about you and all of the good positive feedback and read it before you’re going to sell something.

Before a sales call, look back at some of that really positive feedback and some of the kind words that people have said about working with you in the past and really remind yourself of how awesome you are and how amazing your work is. Remember that anyone who works with you is going to have an amazing experience with you and the value that you’re going to provide them is incredible.

Again, this is just another thing that’s going to get you into that really great energetic space when it comes to selling your thing!

I hope you found these tips really helpful and thought provoking and have a love to know what you think – have these tips made you feel a bit more confident when it comes to selling your coaching package?

Let me know in the comments!


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