What to email your list – for health and life coaches


What to email your list – for health and life coaches


A couple of weeks ago I ran a free training on all things email list building and email marketing for health and life coaches. One of the most common questions I was asked in that training was ‘what should I be emailing my list?’

In fact it seemed to be a reason that a lot of coaches put off trying to grow their lists – they just didn’t know what to email people once they had joined it. There was also a large number of people who admitted that they had ‘ghosted’ their email lists because they weren’t sure what to send them.

In this post I’m going to share a range of ideas on what you can send to your email list – all with a few to get more client enquiries and sales.

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What is an email list even for?

The whole purpose of building an email list is ultimately to drive sales and client enquiries if you’re a health or life coach. But how you do this is through connecting with your community as well as selling.

Where many coaches seem to get stuck is that they end up afraid of actively selling to their list so just don’t sell at all, or they end up only sending sales emails (which can be fine if it’s done well)

What we really want is a combination of value driven emails that give people a reason to open them up, alongside selling your services and offers.

How often should you be emailing your list?

Before we get into what to actually email your list, let’s answer another quick question – how often should I be emailing them?

My view on this is that if you’re going to put effort into building a list, once a week is a good frequency for staying top of mind and relevant – however – if you’re going emailing them rubbish for the sake of ticking the once a week box, then it’s ok to rethink that!

Ultimately in an ideal world once a week is great, but if twice a month or once a month is more doable then do that. I also feel like the frequency of emails can play a role in how you feel motivated to show up. If weekly helps keep you consistent whereas once a month would lead to you thinking ‘is it even worth it?’ then try and go with the frequency that inspires action from you.

Email newsletter ideas

A great place to begin is to ask yourself what kind of emails do you enjoy opening? Is there a specific theme or type of email that you like? Sometimes that can give you a bunch of ideas.

A unique piece of content

Treat your email like a short blog post and create a piece of written content that gives value. You could also create a video (that isn’t more widely available) and email that to your list too. Basically any kind of unique piece of content that is educational, inspirational or entertaining can do the trick!

Links to your content elsewhere

You can send people links to your content on other platforms – for example podcast episodes, blog posts on your website, videos on YouTube. This is one of the forms of content I share with my list.

Link Lists

You can also send your list links to pieces of content that aren’t just your own. Gala Darling has a long running feature called Things I Love Thursday where she links to quotes, social media content, articles and music she’s come across that week which she’s enjoying. It’s a simple idea, but it can provide a lot of value to your community when done right!

Repurposed content

It’s totally ok to send your email list content that you’ve created elsewhere or just longer than a couple of months ago, which you’ve recycled into a fresh form. I’m a big fan of content repurposing and getting the most out of whatever it is that you create. That blog post from 6 months ago can be freshed up and shortened down and sent to your list – don’t forget the cheeky P.S call to action to book a discovery call!

Personal Stories

Personal stories or behind the scenes breakdowns can be wonderful content to send your list. I love hearing how someone has got a specific result and what their process was by reading one of their emails, or just hearing a more personal account of something they’ve had going on for them.

Sales emails

It’s ok to just send your list an outright sales email. You can simply email them with some information on the thing you’re selling and ask them if they want it! You don’t have to dress it up and ‘add value’. As long as you’re finding a good balance in what you’re sharing with your list, it’s not just ok, but a really good idea to send them sales emails.

Emails that share something else you’ve got going on

This could be an email that shares a free workshop you’re running for example – and this is a good one if you have any size of list, create a free training and email your list about it! This could also be an in person thing you’re doing like an event or retreat.

With all of these ideas, please don’t be afraid to ‘casual sell’ in them – include links to your paid offers, include call to actions to book a call or buy now. It’s not ‘being salesy’ it’s been smart!

If you work well with a bit of structure and you’re not at the point when you’re launching things or running various things live or have different offers, it might be useful to rotate through some of these ideas. For example:

Week 1 – unique piece of content
Week 2 – testimonial or case study and a slightly more salesy email
Week 3 – Link List including some links to your own stuff
Week 4 – Personal story or behind the scenes look

You could even write these and schedule them up ahead of time.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! Do let me know in the comments if you’re going to use any of these ideas to email your list.

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