Quick crowd pleaser cakes


Quick crowd pleaser cakes


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I love lemony flavoured things, especially baked goodies. Just as I was saying in yesterday’s post, my Aunts lemon polenta cake is one of my favourites! As much as I love my healthier baked goods, its all part of a healthy balance to have some of the full sugar and fat versions too. Today I have a post for you with some suggestions for quick and easy crowd pleaser cakes, both of which happen to be lemony!


Quick crowd pleaser cakes that combine perfectly with a cuppa

It’s not unusual for friends to pop over for a cuppa and I love to be able to serve up a sweet treat too – if nothing else it gives an illusion of my domestic goddess skills, even if sometimes I feel that this couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are literally millions of cake recipes on the internet and I have shelves of cookbooks, so it’s always a difficult choice. I often end up reverting to a tried and tested old favourite that everyone loves: the classic lemon drizzle cake. There’s no shame in picking a well-known favourite – at least you’ll be guaranteed happy guests! Even better, this cake freezes really well, so it’s perfect for batch cooking and storing, ready for emergency defrosting. Just get it out the night before you need it.

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This cake is also a keeper; it lasts really well in the tin as it’s moist and won’t dry out. (I only know this anecdotally though as it’s never lasted longer than an afternoon here.) It’s also great as a tray bake if you’re asked to provide something for a bake sale or event – just double up the mix.

If you need to make a batch of lemony cakes in a hurry, try downsizing them to cupcakes or fairy cakes (or buns…). Flora has a great recipe in the “5 ingredients and 15 minutes” cake recipes for lemony cupcakes made with a big dollop of lemon curd instead of the usual messy lemon juice. This recipe is super quick and another crowd pleaser despite the lack of chocolate! I quite like the butterfly tops on these cakes for a bit of retro nostalgia, but you could just sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice as with the usual recipes for the larger lemon drizzle cake.

A cup of tea and a cupcake – or fairy cake…  A perfect combination, don’t you think?


Are you a fan of lemony baked treats? 

*post in association with Flora

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  1. daisychain

    You are making me wish I liked lemony things!


    • Laura

      They do look tasty don’t they!

  2. Georgia

    OOh YUM I always loved butterfly cakes when I was younger and still do!!

    • Laura

      Butterfly cakes are retro baking at it’s best!

  3. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I love lemon cakes! That is always my first choice in a tearoom, although sadly our weekend away in November no tea rooms had any lemon cake on offer!


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