Time 4 Sleep Sleep Physiology

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you sleep? I’m really passionate about how important sleep is for every body’s wellbeing, too often is it sacrificed for other things far less important! You can find the free e guide I wrote on sleep here, where I talk about how important sleep is, and how you can take some small steps towards improving it. 

I think a lot of us know that sleep is important, but don’t fully appreciate how and why. Time4Sleep have produced a great interactive info graphic on the different stages of sleep, and what is going on within the body in each stage.

Time 4 Sleep Sleep Physiology

It is fascinating! I was especially intrigued by the information on dreaming states as I had mentioned to James that I haven’t recalled many dreams recently, maybe because I’m not getting those REM stages of sleep. 

Time 4 Sleep Sleep Physiology

I was also very interested in the information about sleeps impact on the immune system. Lack of sleep can decrease the production of white blood cells – all the more reason to enjoy that lie in over the winter I say!

Do you have a lot of dreams? How is your sleep at the moment?

*post in partnership with Time4Sleep, all content and opinions are my own

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