Back on the green smoothies and Christmas Party dresses


Back on the green smoothies and Christmas Party dresses


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Well what a lovely week it has been. Between all the Christmas preparations, a delivery of green smoothie making goodies and the wonderful comments you’ve been leaving me, this week has been a good one! I quickly got over the cold I had at the weekend thank goodness, and so far the washing machine is holding out.

As I was saying, a couple of days ago I got a basket of fruit and veg from Sun Chlorella so that I could make some green smoothies, they clearly know me so well. Apparently Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a big fan of them too so I’m in good company ;-) I have made a few to the Sun Chlorella recipe which is simply spinach, lettuce, a stalk of celery, an apple, a pear, half a banana, half an avocado (well 1/4 in the recipe but I used a half a one) and 15 Sun Chlorella tablets blended with water:


I haven’t been having so many green smoothies recently, simply because I put so much ice in them and it’s too cold for that! However these ones, made with ingredients just cold from the fridge aren’t too bad at all. I think I’ll be making more like this – just pure vegetables and fruit instead of with added protein powders. I felt super sparkly after having a couple of them!

I’ve also been enjoying my porridge:


Apple and sweet mince pie filling flavour! Also…


Courgette bread porridge topped with almond butter and dried cranberries. 

Workouts have been ok, although I had wanted to fit in some yoga but with different work commitments and meetings all I managed was the gym:

  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Spin Class
  • Monday: Gym – 3,2,1 workout with cardio and weights
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Gym – 3,2,1 workout with cardio and weights
  • Friday: you guessed it, Gym 3,2,1 workout with cardio and weights!

It’s doing the job of keeping my health and fitness ticking over while I’m so busy at least. One thing that has been good around exercise is my pre workout snack:

IMG 7164

Dates stuffed with peanut butter frozen. I’ve blogged about these before, but heavens they are so good! You have to try them. Another snack that’s been rocking my world is these babies:


You can find the recipe on my Facebook page. I made them after using the same ingredients for another recipe – I’ll let you try and think of what that could be!

On the Love List this week…

IMG 7209

Trying on random dresses to see what I can wear for the Christmas nights out I’ve got coming up. That is my wildly printed vintage dress from Brighton. I would probably wear it with black peep toe heels rather than the ankle boots though. As a commenter on Dayre said, I’m trying to channel a Dita Von Teese vibe. Although I feel I might be failing, lol! I’m trying to decide if I should wear it for the Funk and Soul Christmas Party we are going to, speaking of which, another thing I’ve been loving this week is the Christmas Funk and Soul Album on Spotify! Also…

Making what I think is an amazing recipe and taking some pretty pictures of it // getting more Christmas presents purchased // anticipating a weekend filled with my friends and wine //  scented candles on the go all the time // seeing Christmas decorations up in people’s front rooms when you drive past

In case you missed it:

I also had an article published at the Zeo blog full of Winter Warmer recipes and was featured on as Nuffang UK’s Blogger of the month! Check them out.


 Oh and how could I forget, I launched the 12 Weeks to Feeling Fabulous E-Course too! I’ve now sold out of all my health and nutrition consultation gift cards, thank you so much to everyone that has purchased them.
This week I’ve also been spending time pulling together my free Healthy Christmas Recipes E- Book which will be free for newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, then here’s another reason to do so – you can also enter my international GIVEAWAY of raw chocolate goodies!

PicMonkey Collage jpg

It’s certainly been a busy blog week!
One last thing, I have a favour to ask you in support of another KHGS reader. Charlie emailed me saying…
‘I recently surprised myself by getting through to the FINAL 4 for a place on The Runner’s World UK Paris Marathon Challenge! (Out of nearly 3000 entrants!!)  This is something I am so excited to be involved in & would mean I would get full training & support in finally completing a marathon (hopefully!?!) To get that final place I need a little help… scarily and rather embarrassingly it’s a public vote … no registration, no forms just a cringe worthy photo of me and a little thumbs up icon that needs clicking … so if you have a couple of seconds free it would be amazing if you could help!’

Just click here and click the thumb next to Charlie – plus it’s her birthday today – Happy Birthday Charlie!

What’s on your Love List this week? 

Do you have many Christmas nights out coming up? Have you decided on an outfit? 

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  1. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Oooh the dress is beautiful! That commenter was right, you definitely have her style! Such a great compliment :)
    I sadly gave up my work Christmas do as it was the night before the marathon…*tries not to pop a vein in anger* Well Ben is still doing the marathon so we still can’t make it. It’s annoying because my work always do a very lavish affair (last year we went to Bruges, all paid for).

    • Laura

      Thanks Anna! That sounds like one hell of a Christmas Do! Well as you say Ben is doing the race so that will be lovely to be supporting him :-)

  2. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I need a green smoothie right now, not winning the war against this head cold!! I went to get mince pie filling the other day and they were sold out :( Need to try frozen dates, sounds like a great snack!

    • Laura

      Oh dear, hope you are feeling better by now!

  3. Savi of Bruised Passports

    You look gorgeous Laura.

    I don’t enjoy green smoothies with protein powders, this one looks amazing :-)

    • Laura

      Thanks Savi! Now that I’ve been having a few smoothies like that I don’t think I’ll be going back to the ones with whey protein for a while!

  4. Maria @ runningcupcake

    That dress is so pretty. I am missing the work meal out, but tomorrow I am going for afternoon tea with some friends which should be lovely :)

    • Laura

      Hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea, that sounds like a really nice way to spend time with friends!

  5. Cassie

    I’m back on a green smoothie kick, too… even though it’s so cold. Last week I had to get a hot shower before hot yoga after having a smoothie because I couldn’t warm up! Need to add less ice…

    • Laura

      Haha that happens to me as well when I go too heavy on the ice at this time of year!

  6. sonja@vesenmork

    gorgeous food, as always! Pretty floral dress, as always!
    So you freeze those dates first? And then you eat them frozen or you let them defrost a little? Never tried that before.

    • Laura

      Thanks Sonja! You must try those dates with almond butter – I freeze them and eat them frozen – they are chewy like caramels. So delicious!

  7. Tamzin

    Love that dress the colours are awesome! I so need a new Christmas outfit but I am really uninspired with the clothes that are in the shops at the mo : (

    • Laura

      Thanks Tam! I had a period like that with shops but just seen a few things I liked today. Had to stop myself from buying anything or else I’ll end up skint!

  8. LilyLipstick

    That dress looks amazing on you! Those Christmas snack balls look so good. I haven’t had a green smoothie for ages but I am loving porridge on cold mornings. x

    • Laura

      Thanks Lily! I’m so glad that I posted that pic as after all the positive feedback I now feel confident enough to wear it!

  9. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    Love the dress Laura, you have such a good eye for interesting clothes that really suit you – I definitely have style envy right now :)
    Dates and nut butter are the best thing since sliced bread, I had yet to try them frozen though.
    I’ve never made a smoothie at home as we don’t have a blender that is up to the job sadly!

    • Laura

      Thanks Claire, you must try the dates frozen – seriously they are amazing!


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