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Urgh, I’m writing this feeling a little bit tender and hungover! I had a girls night in with my two bestest, oldest friends that included a lot of Dairy Milk chocolate and red wine. I’m paying for it this morning, but it was worth it! Before meeting up with them yesterday, James and I went to town to do some Christmas shopping. I bought a few foodie treats:


Amaretti biscuits, chilli jam, pistachios, chestnuts and my favourite brand of tahini. I love the amaretti biscuits and put them on the tree as decorations – much better than chocolate santas! We had a nice look around the shops as well as a couple of coffee stops:

PicMonkey Collage jpg

The Pink Lane flat white to go was delicious. We drank those while we went for a walk around to find the venue for an event we are off to in a couple of weeks time. They kept us nice and warm!

Yesterday I also met my gorgeous cousin Catherine for a coffee:

IMG 7237

She’s in training to be a PT so we talked about fitness goals for next year! Other than that I’ve just been trying to eat as well as I can around the indulgences:

P1150774Chocolate porridge with vanilla whey protein topped with hazelnut butter

P1150785Salmon salad with olives

P1150788This mornings much needed green smoothie with cacao nibs and bee pollen on top!

How has your weekend been so far? I did have some grand plans to cook, bake and photograph a couple of recipes but it’s so dull and cloudy today the light is rubbish. I’m thinking I might stick a Christmas movie on and wrap some presents! How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? Are there any special Christmas foods you buy each year?

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