My last sweet mince pie porridge which I had this morning. Gutted, Christmas is officially over now. I do have a few Starbucks Christmas coffees left though!

Is it just me or is this period between Christmas and New Year really weird? I have no idea what day of the week it is, I feel very reflective of life and the universe in general and I’m just starting to emerge from the sugar / alcohol coma I’ve been in since Christmas Eve (or let’s be honest, the middle of December). I do feel like I’ve turned a corner today though, but more on that in a moment.

This weekend has been great, yesterday we went to town to see The Hobbit. We went to the Tyneside Cinema and treated ourselves, in Hobbit style, to elevenses:

IMG 7659

I had Earl Grey and a toasted tea cake, gorgeous!

Before we left I took a quick selfie to reassure myself that I haven’t turned into a lump over Christmas:

IMG 7651

I wore a vintage floral dress, bottle green tights, tea cup and saucer necklace and fake fur scarf. That scarf was needed as the wind was bitter!

As much as I had told myself I would not get anything in the sales I did stumble upon a couple of bargains:


I’m of the view that a girl just can’t have too many ankle boots. These beauties were just £25 from Fenwick. I love how I feel when I wear heels, and these are pretty comfortable. Another thing I certainly can’t have too many of is vintage style dresses, I picked this polka dot one up for £20 from Warehouse:


I have been enjoying my Christmas chocolate and truffles and last night I enjoyed some of my lime, coconut and sea salt chocolate and a mini pot of Ben and Jerry’s while reading a new book, it was lovely and relaxing. However, as far as chocolate and treats go, I have some salted caramel truffles left which I am keeping for New Year’s Eve, but everything else has been put away to eat a little at a time over the next few months. To balance up the chocolate and treats I have eaten, there have been salads a plenty:


This was made with leftover Christmas turkey, greens, tahini miso dressing and pomegranate seeds. Of course, there has also been a few green smoothies:

IMG 7635

I made this one by blending kale, spinach, apple, avocado and parsley. So nourishing, I felt great after drinking this!

In the past at this time of year, I have put everything on hold waiting for the clock to strike midnight on 31st December. I do think there are pros and cons to this, I love the motivation that comes with the New Year, and on 1st January 2014, it will be 5 years since I made the decision to get healthy and lose weight. But for me now, I don’t ever want to put my life on hold. It’s just a few simple things like actually using the new toiletries and make up bag I got for Christmas now instead of waiting until January.

IMG 7663

Last night I cleaned out my old make up bag, cleaned my make up brushes, filled up my new make up bag, sorted out a couple of drawers, moved all my cards and coins from my old purse to my new purse and sorted out my new handbag!

Today I’m also making a conscious decision to re focus on eating the foods that make me feel my best. I figure that if something is worth doing on the 1st January it’s worth doing right now. As of today, I feel like I’m coming out of the Christmas haze and I’m really excited about the New Year and rather than seeing it as a fresh start (everyday can be a fresh start if you want it to be) I’m seeing it as a boost to what I’m already doing. 

How have you spent the last weekend of 2013? What things can you start now, instead of holding off until 1st January?

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