A Jolly Jolly Christmas


A Jolly Jolly Christmas


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So Christmas is all over again for another year, I wish it didn’t pass so quickly. We spent some wonderful time with family and friends, that’s what I love most about Christmas, even more than the food and the gifts although they are nice too! I hope you all had a great one as well. Here’s what I got up to…

Christmas Eve

I had some festive porridge for breakfast with sweet mince pie filling, apple, cranberries, almond butter and a crumbled gingerbread man cookie:


I spent the morning cooking a few things for Christmas lunch and I also went for another little run! Lunch was a healthy chicken salad with tahini lemon miso dressing, pomegranate and a lot of parsley:


We always go out and meet up with friends and family on Christmas Eve. I got ready and went and met James when he finished work in Durham:

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I wore a leather look dress, but layered it with a jumper and statement necklace, then added a big coat and hat and scarf, it was freezing! I had a great time, I was quite sensible with the alcohol and alternated a soft drink with an alcoholic one. After a few in Durham we went through to where my parents live to be joined by a lot of family and friends, it was brilliant! 

Christmas Day

I had a shocking nights sleep, James and I were awake at 4am and decided to watch Die Hard! James and I don’t go in for a extravagant gifts for one another, we try and choose something jointly. This year we bought a record player:


We also bought each other a couple of vinyls. It was lovely getting ready and eating breakfast listening to records! Speaking of breakfast…


I made James eggy bread and lots of bacon. For me, I made some french toast with panettone (so amazing!) alongside a couple of pieces of bacon and a fruit salad of blueberries, persimmon and pomegranate topped with a squeeze of lime, and a Christmas coffee.

I decided to wear something more casual for Christmas Day so I would feel more comfortable:

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Just a checked shirt with some black jeggings – with extra stretch ;-) We have quite a crazy Christmas Day as we visit a lot of people. We started at my sisters to see my nephews (so lovely to see them excited that Santa Claus came!), then it was off to Newcastle to see James Dad, back to Gateshead to see James sister Katy, then to pick up my grandma and finally to my parents for Christmas lunch!




The meal was fabulous! We also had some un pictured soup to start, and I added plenty of gravy to that Christmas Lunch! I was wanting to save some room for dessert so gave the roasties to James. My dessert was a toffee apple eton mess – just cream, crushed meringue, apple fried in butter and cinnamon, Marks and Spencer salted caramel sauce and some honeycomb pieces. Yum!

Then it was off to see my best friend to exchange gifts before coming home and crashing out! I do love to unpack my gifts under the tree when I come home on Christmas Day:


I’m so spoilt! Very lucky to have such thoughtful and generous family and friends. 

Boxing Day

We had a bit of a lie in, yey! Then I made sweet potato pancakes for breakfast:


I’d made a Thai Green Curry on Monday night and had some thick coconut cream leftover so added that on top along with some maple syrup, delicious!

I had considered going out for another run but there was a thick frost on the ground, and James convinced me to stay in the flat and watch movies all day! I had a bath with my ‘feed your face’ face mask on as well as cooking a ham and making a second Christmas dinner:



I cooked the ham in ginger beer inspired by a recipe from Elizabeth on Rosalilum. It was fabulous! That dinner was way too much for me, I ended up with leftovers of my leftovers.

I picked on treats throughout the day and had a snacky tea:


Chunk of brie, garlic cheese on oatcakes, cream cheese and chilli jam on oatcakes, olives from Graze and some frozen grapes, fab!

I didn’t drink any alcohol on Christmas Day, but fancied a cheeky cocktail yesterday. Before Christmas I had kindly received these drinks from Cawston Press:


I drank the sparkling beverages instead of wine with Christmas dinner and I used the ginger beer to cook the ham. I also made an awesome cocktail:


My friend Kate bought me some Honey Jack Daniels and with some ginger beer and a squeeze of lime it tasted great! 

As I said, I was so spoilt with wonderful gifts, here’s a few of them:

PicMonkey Collage jpg

I got some fab stuff including natural skin and hair care products, colouring in book and pencils, owl pen holder, pyjamas, an initialled mug, silky vintage style bra and knicker set, foodie treats, scented candles, jewellery, make up bag, hand bag, purse, chocolates including salted caramel truffles and peanut butter truffles, tea, coffee, jack daniels and wine! My friends and family know me so well.

I completely indulged in every lovely food I fancied and it was fabulous! However I am now so over it, pass the green smoothie please! I’m definitely ready to balance it back up with some healthier, lighter eats at least until New Years Eve ;-) This morning I popped to the shops for some groceries and accidentally spent £50 on a kettle bell, iPad case, digital radio, bowls and mugs that were on sale, but unlike last year, I haven’t gone totally crazy online in the sales and I’m not planning to in the shops either. Today I’m going to try and be productive (and listen to records) as tomorrow we are heading to see The Hobbit at the cinema, I can’t wait!

How did you spend Christmas Day? Have you hit the sales or are you planning to?

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  1. Lara

    Looks like you had an absolutely stunning christmas, its so great to be able to surround yourself with loved ones.
    I got on the scale this morning and it somehow knows that I had lots of fantastic Christmas food over a few days ;-)

    • Laura

      Haha, I haven’t braved the scales just yet but I have a feeling it will also know how much fun I’ve had ;-)

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas- spending time with people is just lovely.
    I have had a look at the sales online- saw a cute jumper in fat face but not my size so am hoping that when I make it to the shops there is magically one left for me!
    We watched Die Hard on Christmas Eve- there are a lot of Christmas movies to get through!

    • Laura

      We have a couple of Christmas movies on the Sky box but now Christmas has gone I don’t feel like watching them, unless we save them until next year!

  3. Emma @ Stripes and Snapshot

    Looks like you’ve had a wonderful Christmas. Love the idea of eggy bread with panettone, such a good idea! I always end up with panettone left over! And your leather look dress looks stunning on you. Some lovely gifts too. I bought a sewing machine in the Amazon flash sales, but I’ve wanted one for ages, so that’s all I got and feel pretty retsrained. No clothes, which is very unusual for me!!

    • Laura

      Thanks Emma! A sewing machine sounds great, I would love one if I actually had the space for it!

  4. Christina

    Happy Christmas! Sounds like a crazy few days, but lovely to catch up with so many loved ones. Your mince pie porridge sounds incredible!

    • Laura

      I had my last mince pie porridge this morning, so sad it feels like Christmas is done now!

  5. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I’ve had a really nice chilled one with the family. I can’t be doing with xmas sales, when stuff is disorganized and slung over rails I can’t handle it, I’d rather just avoid it altogether! Enjoy the hobbit.

    • Laura

      I was at the shops yesterday and although I found a couple of bits, I abandoned most shops as you could not really look through them without getting stressed!

  6. Tamzin

    Looks like you had a fabulous few days, mine was great but as you say it went to quickly! x

    • Laura

      I certainly did, roll on New Year now though!

  7. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Looks like a really great time! I’m definitely more of a fan of the ‘comfort first’ approach to Christmas day! Though I did insist on Christmas jumpers. I wish I could say I went oh in the sales but since boxing day night I’ve been too ill to do anything. I mean seriously, where’s the fairness in that?! Meant I had to throw away my leftovers today as well as we just weren’t eating them. I’m devastated :( I did freeze a lot of turkey though, whew!


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