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I’m done, I can’t take anymore, I am officially partied out! These past two weeks I’ve been out 5 times, all of which have been absolutely brilliant, but I can not half feel it now. Last night I slept like the dead and didn’t wake up till 8am, which for me is a big lie in indeed!

On Friday James and I went to the Funk and Soul Christmas Party at the Boiler Shop Steamer in Newcastle. The venue is an old railway workshop, basically a warehouse, which is home to a monthly pop up event featuring live music and local food. We’ve been meaning to go for a while now, and when we saw that one of our fave bands Smoove and Turrell (who we saw last year) were on the bill we had to get tickets. We had an awesome night…

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We finally met John Turrell from the band as well, he was so lovely! I wore my crazy printed vintage dress with a leather biker jacket, ankle socks and my shoe boots:

IMG 7451

We shared a pizza and had nutella crepes as well as various drinks. The Expresso Martini made my local coffee company Ouseburn Coffee Co was amazing!

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After Smoove and Turrells set, Craig Charles came on to DJ, but by that time we were knackered so hoped in a taxi home. Such a great night, looking forward to going along to future events!

In between the drinks and indulgent food I’ve been craving the healthy stuff to balance it out. All I wanted yesterday morning was a green smoothie:


I made this with spinach, banana, vanilla sun warrior protein powder, coconut water and ice, then topped it with all sorts of goodies. I felt like all was right in the world after eating that! I was pretty shocked when later that day I started craving juice. I had a load of carrots that needed using up so I made a carrot, clementine, apple and ginger juice:


The addition of the clementine made this taste quite festive!

In another ‘use up’ meal, I roasted some brussels and made a salad with beetroot and feta:


Three ingredients was all this needed! Simple food has been a comfort after some bigger, richer meals.

Last night we went out to dinner with my parents, sister and brother in law. I was driving so drink was off the menu anyway but I was able to make a really healthy choice. No pics as it was too dark, but I had salmon with kale, new potatoes, beetroot and a creme fraiche dressing followed by honey frozen yoghurt with berries. Feel so much better after that! 

This weekend was also the Winter Solstice so I’ve quietly set a few intentions for myself going forward into the next half of the year – it gets lighter from here thankfully, although I know it often doesn’t seem like that in January and February! 

Have you had many Christmas parties and social occasions this year? I’ve loved every minute of mine, to me they are what makes the run up to Christmas special, I love seeing friends and family, sharing food and drink and having a bit of a dance! Now that we are almost at Christmas I’m ready to relax, although we do go out on Christmas Eve, I’ll have to get myself geared up for that, as well as getting the flat clean and preparing my contribution to Christmas lunch! How are you spending the last few days before Christmas?

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