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January has been nuts, I can’t remember a busier or better January for a long time. Although I have been busy it’s been a great month and the January blues I usually get haven’t showed up, probably because I haven’t had the time to dwell on anything like that!

I’ve actually surprised and impressed myself as I’ve started meditating, firstly using the Headspace app, but then I’ve managed to continue doing some on my own. Not every day, but most days I meditate for 10 minutes, it really has done wonders for my stress levels! As I’ve blogged about, I’ve found an excellent groove with eating and exercise which has lasted through the whole month. I’m a few lbs down from the start of the year, and more importantly, I’m feeling better in my own skin.

I’ve definitely kept to my January pledge of Dialling it Up instead of dieting. Best of all, my blood tests showing that I’ve ovulated have really given me confidence that I’ve been doing right by my body and that I’m reaching a really healthy place for me. 

Pineapple green smoothieI’ve been on such a green smoothie kick! 

I’ve started a big project working with girls in a couple of schools that is going really well and the news that the Feel Good Factory were awarded funding for one of our projects was another huge boost. I’ve also been loving the response from the girls doing the 12 weeks to Feeling Fabulous course! I’m planning on setting off another group again in March so if you are interested watch this space.

Blog wise it’s been amazing to see KHGS featured on Grazia Daily, being chosen as one of the Top 10 Health Blogs in the UK and being featured on The Good Web Guide. I’ve also been so chuffed at the number of entries to the giveaways I’ve been running, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them!

Overall it’s been an amazing month but I have had some very stressful moments where I’ve felt incredibly overwhelmed, last week it was like all the bad stuff was being thrown at me at once and I had a few days of feeling crap, also compounded by hormones I think. The Universe was definitely testing me! However, I allow myself to feel crap for so long then I give myself a good kick up the arse and remind myself that I am in charge of how I allow situations, workloads or other people’s opinions, comments or actions effect me. I felt much better after that ;-)

I’ve posted some lovely recipes this month including:


My favourite posts this month include:


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I had to have a really good think about what my February pledge to myself would be. Thinking about the month ahead I know it’s going to be a busy one, but I also have most of a week off as we celebrate James birthday. I thought that self care was a good one for me for February as when things get busy I can forget to do the things that really impact on how I feel, both physically and how I feel about myself in a wider sense.

I want to keep up the good work I’ve done with regular meditation, and the fabulous groove I’m currently in with eating and exercise but I’d also like to make more of an effort on how I take care of myself, just little things like painting my nails, giving myself a facial, moisturising my body and dry skin brushing can make a big difference.

In January I started noticing that I wasn’t even bothering with my usual red lipstick, horror of horrors! Another part of self care for me is alone time. I need to have some time to myself to recharge my batteries I just need to find the right balance between time to myself, work, spending quality time with James, my family and friends!

How was the first month of 2014 for you? Do you have any plans or pledges for February? How important is self care to you?

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