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Aren’t they beauties? This last week we got our first snow of 2014 and the first thing I did was go and pull out my favourite Joules Wellies. I have a turquoise pair with red polka dots but now seriously I’m lusting after the floral ones above. 

I can remember when wellies were highly unfashionable and with about as much style as a bin liner. Joules have certainly changed that with their range of patterned and brightly coloured wellies which are excellent quality. Here’s some of my favourite styles:

Jouleswellies edited 1

1. Purple Long Glossy Welly, £60

2. Polka Dot Long Welly, £39.95

3. Floral Long Welly, £39.95

4. Hare Print Long Welly, £39.95

5. Molly Short Welly, £34.95

The hare print ones are adorable as well!

I like to wear my wellies with thick tights and a tea dress or with some skinny jeans or leggings tucked into them. Now that snow has become a regular winter occurrence here in the UK I think it’s worth being prepared with some good quality wellies, any of these would cheer me up while digging my car out!

Have you had snow where you are? Do you own a pair of wellies? How do you like to wear them?

*post in partnership with Jones Bootmaker, all content and opinions are my own

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