My top free healthy living resources from around the web


My top free healthy living resources from around the web


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Since I started blogging, and even before that now I come to think of it, I’ve been finding loads of fabulous free stuff from all over the internet. Aside from all the free info and recipes you get from blogs and websites I’ve been able to find some more in-depth downloadable e resources. A lot of businesses and bloggers alike offer up freebies to entice you to visit their site or sign up for their newsletters. I’ve always liked looking at things like meal plans for ideas and inspiration as well as any information resources around healthy living. Here’s just a few of my top finds!

Balanced Bites Nutrition Guide

Www balancedbites com GUIDE BalancedBitesNutritionGuide pdf

A guide to good nutrition from Diane and Liz who create the Balanced Bites podcast. It’s slanted towards Paleo, but still a very interesting read and useful resource.

Meal Plans from Attune Foods

Www attunefoods com uploads RealFood2013 pdf

I love the meal plans from Attune Foods which have been written for real food, gluten free and vegetarian. They do include some US based ingredients and products but as I said, I just like looking at these for inspiration and ideas!

Kris Carr’s manifesto and kitchen and wellness resource guides

Freebies KrisCarr com

I may no longer be vegan but I still love Kris Carr, I’m still very proud to have one of my recipes in her Juices and Smoothies E Book. Her resources are always good fun to read!

Blogilates meal plans and printable HIIT workouts

Official POP HIIT Series

There’s loads of meal plans available over at Blogilates for inspiration and ideas as well as some colourful HIIT workout printables. Her free workout videos on You Tube are awesome as well.

Uniquely Healthy’s selection of free healthy living resources 

Free Healthy Living Resources Uniquely Healthy

Yes, shameless plug here, but after I did a bit of searching I realised that there’s not a lot of free resources you can get without having to sign up for anything, all of the resources on my page are instantly downloadable and I have to say I’m very proud of them! You can get a whole foods meal plan, vegetarian meal plan, meal planning tool, meal ideas sheet, snack ideas sheet, my Guide to Good Sleep and my How to Bust Out of the Diet Mentality guide!

Yoga podcasts from Yoga Download

Yoga Online Online Yoga Videos Classes and Workouts YogaDownload

I’ll forever be a fan of the Yoga for Runners podcast and you can get plenty more short yoga classes for free. As much as you can get all sorts of workouts on You Tube I do still like the idea of an audio workout that you can just have on your phone instead of having to get somewhere with internet access for You Tube.

BBC Good Foods Healthy Diet Plan

BBC Good Food s Healthy Diet Plan BBC Good Food

This is a free plan where you get emails full of info on following a healthy diet as well as meal plans for 4 weeks. 

Psychology of Eating Free Online Conference

Online Future of Nutrition Conference FREE PsychologyOfEating com

This is starting at the end of January, but if you are a bit of a nutrition geek like I am, with an interest at looking at it all from a different angle then the conference could be interesting for you too!

These aren’t particularly healthy living related, but here’s a few other freebies I’ve been loving recently:

Free blog content printable planner from The Native New Yawker:

Free blog content printable planner The Native New Yawker

A Brief Guide to World Domination from Chris Guillebeau:

Chrisguillebeau com 3x5 files 2008 06 worlddomination pdf

The New Years Revolution Kit from Do What You Love

New Year s Revolution Do What You Love

The newsletter (although she would never call it that!) from The MiddleFinger Project – a must for small business owners!


Now your turn, what are your favourite healthy living resources online? Link me up in the comments!

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Aligned Client Attraction System

Get my simple ‘pick n mix’ style system for how to attract, connect with and convert clients – all in a way that you enjoy and that feels aligned for you.


  1. Mossy

    So many good resources out there which stops me from blogging. my fave fave article this week so far was about mannoheptulose commonly found in avocado’s which inhibits release of insulin..ooh stick it in google and see :)

  2. Melanie Wiltshire

    Genius post – I know what I’m doing tonight! Thanks for all the resources ;)

  3. Crazy sexy fun traveler

    I love these resources. Thanks for putting it up, as a health freak I really appreciate it.

  4. Cat

    Great list – I was surprised how few I’ve heard of! Will definitely be checking out that Psych of eating conference…

  5. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    So many awesome resources here Laura – lots of fun reading material displayed in a easy to digest way :) Thanks for this!

  6. Kezia

    Such a good selection. I love blogilates intense 30 mins work out on you tube – painful and super effective. Plus the middle finger projects tweet are also hilarious – a great resource for perking up your day!
    Plus the conference looks great – although I would love to see a more health coaching based conference and one looking more a holistic nutrition too. Maybe something for me to organise in the future….,!

  7. Sarahf

    These are great! The Blogilates recipes are just what I’m looking for!


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