Seeing in 2014


Seeing in 2014


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Blimey, Christmas and New Year feels like it was so long ago now! Anyone else feeling back into the swing of things? I don’t mind so much, I like my routine and find it much easier to eat well and exercise when things get back to normal. 

I did have a lovely New Year though, it was fairly quiet, but after all the parties I had leading up to Christmas a quiet one was just what was needed. I dressed casual with a bit of sparkle:

IMG 7716OOTD: statement necklace: Topshop // biker jacket: warehouse // ring: Topshop // grey sweater: Primark // floral dress: warehouse // quilted bag: Topshop // unseen ankle boots: Fenwicks, the ones I bought the other day (love them!)

During the day I worked out at home and then visited my best friend and my parents. I bought them a coffee maker for Christmas so have been loving their lattes and expressos! James was working but got finished at 3 so I got the bus into town with our friend Jonathan. I had some delicious strawberry beer then James and I went for an Indian meal:

Newyearseveindianmeal jpg

We had poppadums and dips to start then I had the tandoori chicken with roti bread followed by some delicious coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell. Delicious! After that we came home and got settled in for the evening. I lit all my candles to make the flat feel super cosy:


I made myself some ‘ginger fizz’ – ginger wine mixed with prosecco and enjoyed a few salted caramel truffles while we watched Now You See Me:

Gingerfizzandsaltedcaramels jpg

Then we flicked through the music channels and had a sing along and a dance, then it was midnight! One of our neighbours set off a few fireworks which was lovely to watch. 

I work up on New Years Day hangover free! Breakfast was a bowl of delicious porridge made with light coconut milk and with an egg whipped in topped with pomegranate and pistachios:


Green is lucky at New Year as it represents wealth and money so I was happy to load up on pistachios! 

I wanted to start the year off on the right foot so did a workout:


I’ve done Yoga Meltdown Level 1 via You Tube a few times so tried level 2. It was tough but I really enjoyed it! After that it was green smoothie time:


I blended spinach, celery, apple, coconut water, maca, greens powder and a new grass fed gelatin powder together for this. Health in a glass!

Then we got ready to go to my parents for New Years Day lunch:

IMG 7769

I had to add a bit more sparkle to my outfit again! My Mam did a lovely spread:

Newyearsdaylunch jpg

I had a bowl of broth followed by some ham with a few brussel sprouts and then some home made orange polenta cake served with a fruit salad of clementines, blueberries and pomegranate.

Then we came home, had a small dinner and chilled out before watching Sherlock. Happy New Year indeed!

How did you spend your NYE? Do you like parties or a more relaxed celebration?

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  1. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Looks like a wonderful way to see in the new year. I had a quiet one too and I actually really enjoyed it! :-)

  2. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Your NYE sounds lovely. We had a really chilled one too. I’m not a big fan of going all out and celebrating. Everything is so expensive and busy. Gosh I sound a bit of a bah humbug don’t I? I much prefer a nice night in with the people I love without huge amounts of stress! I like going out when the whole world aren’t out as well ;-)

    • Laura

      I think it’s changed a lot in the last few years, everywhere is so quiet on a NYE where we are, everyone stays in too!

  3. byEvaWilliams

    Happy New Year Laura! Lovely way to celebrate!! We went to a friends house, the kids played then once they were tucked up in bed it was time for a takeaway, drinks, hot tub, watching fireworks, bit more wine and a few chocolates followed the next day by a big cooked breakfast, glass of fizz and gossip by the fire before we headed home for more chilling!

    Amy x

    • Laura

      Happy New Year Eva! That sounds like an amazing NYE! Wow, very jealous ;-)

  4. Ffion

    Happy New Year Laura! I stayed in and watched girly films, but Iestyn and his mates went out, and next door were singing karaoke, so I ended up staying up way too late!

  5. Nicole Marie Story

    Quote of the day… “Green is lucky at New Year as it represents wealth and money so I was happy to load up on pistachios!” I’ll be using this today. ;)

    • Laura

      Glad to be of service ;-)

  6. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Sounds fab! I have never liked going out on NYE as places as so packed and expensive, plus I don’t drink anyway.
    We watched went to the Christmas market, then watched Sopranoes (took a box set with us) and then saw some fireworks at midnight (people in boats were setting them off). Nice and chilled out.

    • Laura

      Its strange, up here places are pretty quiet really I think everyone stays in! Your NYE sounds absolutely lovely :-)

  7. Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots

    Happy New Year! Sounds like such a lovely chilled night in. I love your leopard print leggings too! I didn’t do anything for New Year, but I don’t really feel like I missed out, I had a nice time all the same.

    • Laura

      Thanks, I love those leggings!

  8. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    We had a pretty quiet one, went to see Anchorman and then came home and chilled out. I don’t really get the fuss over New Year’s to be honest. It was lovely waking up hangover free to start 2014 as well!


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