February Reviews


February Reviews



I love trying out new products in the health, fitness and beauty sectors and I’ve kindly been sent various things to try out and review for you here on the blog. All of the featured items have been gifted to me in exchange for an honest review, unless otherwise stated. These are some of the things I’ve been trying this month…

LifeCare Organic Beauty Products


I had not heard of LifeCare before, so was very interested to find out more about this stockist of organic and natural products. I received the Krauter Argan Oil Body Cream (€7.99), Anti Hair Loss Shampoo with Peppermint and Nettle (€25.99) and the Anti Cellulite Gel with Mint (€17.32). I can’t say I was that struck on the packaging, but they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover and that is certainly true of these products. I absolutely love them all! The shampoo has a lovely scent and leaves my hair shiny and clean. The argan oil body cream has a wonderful texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. It has a very light natural fragrance. The anti cellulite gel smells absolutely incredible! It also has a great texture – not completely a gel but more like a mix between a cream and a gel. I would not hesitate to buy these again and would definitely look at the other Krauter products as well. The shampoo and anti cellulite gel are a little pricey, and I can’t say yet whether they have made any difference to cellulite or hair loss! However the argan oil body cream is a steal. 

You can purchase these products and others on the LifeCare store which delivers to the UK. For more info, follow LifeCare on Facebook and Twitter.

Lumie Zest

IMG 8904

If you suffer from SAD I’m sure you will have heard of daylight alarm clocks. These clocks include a light that simulates sunrise, helping you to wake up more naturally. Over a year ago I reviewed the Lumie Wake Up and Go and really enjoyed using it. The Lumie Zest is a more compact version of the Wake Up and Go, and as well as functioning as an alarm clock it can also be used to provide more ‘daylight’ at any time you feel you need it. I’ve had the light on my desk on particularly dull days. The LEDs in the device are selected for there extra output in the blue part of the colour spectrum to better stimulate mid day sunlight. The device has an adjustable stand, 15 or 30 minute wake up mode, snooze and an added sound alarm if you need it. 

The Lumie Zest retails at £125 which I have to say I think is very expensive. Only if you get really bad SAD or have real trouble waking would I think that was worth it, but I do think this could be effective. Find out more about the Lumie Zest and other Lumie products on their website, Facebook and Twitter. 

Nairn’s Cracked Black Pepper Oatcakes

IMG 8393

These have been a bit of a pregnancy lifesaver for when I’ve needed something carby to snack on. I quite like plain oatcakes and these have added black pepper for flavour. I’ve been eating these just plain or topped with a little cream cheese but they would be lovely with all sorts of things. I also love that they come in little individual packs which helps them to stay fresh. 

Nairn’s Black Pepper Oatcakes are £1.09 and available in most super markets. Find out more on the Nairn’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Corncakes

IMG 8834

I wasn’t sent these to review, I actually bought them myself but just wanted to share them here as they are a new product. I’m a huge fan of the Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn,  so when I spotted these in Sainsbury’s I was excited, far to excited over a bag of chocolate covered treats to be honest, however the excitement was warranted. These are lush, corn cakes are far tastier than rice cakes in my opinion and these are just perfect. I tried the dark chocolate ones but they also come in milk chocolate too. At only 118 calories a bag they are a great pre portioned treat for when you need a chocolate fix. They will definitely be a regular on my shopping list now!

Find out more on the Metcalfe’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

Fruyo Yoghurts

IMG 8583

Fruyo yoghurts are made with Total 0% Greek yoghurt but with added fruity flavours. I tried several different flavours including blueberry, lemon, peach, vanilla and cherry. I also shared these with some friends to get their opinions too! They loved them and thought they tasted great, however I wasn’t as struck on them, mostly because I’m not a huge fan of fruity yoghurts in general. I found these a little too sweet – no where near as lovely as Total’s plain Greek yoghurt varieties – particularly the 2% and full fat. They do also contain some sugar, but from what I can see on the ingredients list no other ‘nasties’. I would rather eat a yoghurt sweetened with actual sugar than artificial sweeteners for example. If fruity yoghurts are your thing, then these could be right up your street, they were certainly a hit with my friends.

Fruyo yoghurts retail for £1.09 and are available from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose stores. Find out more on the Total website, Facebook and Twitter.

Amazing Grass, Nutiva, Terranova Digestive Enzymes and Emergen-C from Kinetic4Health


I had come across Amazing Grass products a few years ago and purchased some of the chocolate green superfood when I went to New York so I was excited to hear that you could get Amazing Grass here in the UK I used the samples in smoothies where you couldn’t really taste them. I’m not sure how good they would taste on their own, but perhaps blended with some juice or coconut water they would be fine. 

I had also tried Nutiva coconut sugar before but not the coconut oil. I can’t say I was a massive fan of this, the coconut oil had a strange taste, almost mouldy! Certainly not my fave. 

I tried taking some of the Terranova digestive enzymes with meals – particularly cooked meals as meals that are raw / have some raw ingredients have more digestive enzymes present. I did notice some reduction in bloating which I was really pleased with.

Finally I tried the Emergen-C sachets. These are awesome, I have had them before and they are great for keeping on hand to use at the first sign of a cold. I know that research has shown vitamin C doesn’t help, but I still swear by it. 

Find out more about these products:

Nutiva – www.nutivauk.com
Amazing Grass – www.amazinggrassuk.com
Terranova can be purchased by the public from www.nutricentre.com 

Have you tried any exciting new products in the health, fitness or beauty world recently?

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  1. Alex

    I’ve been a frequent user of digestive enzymes for a good few years. I don’t need them very often since I removed dairy from my diet (and all my digestive issues have cleared up) but even now when I have a particularly carby/fatty meal (OH HAI DOMINOS PIZZA) then I take a couple with the meal. I go to bed feeling less bloated and uncomfortable.

    • Laura

      I’ve started to make more of an effort to take them when I’m eating heavier meals and it really does the trick as well :-)

  2. Tamzin

    I gotta get my hands on that popcorn!! Is it gluten free?

    • Laura

      It is!

  3. Jess

    Wait, you can get Amazing Grass in the UK!?! I had some of the chocolate one once in a UK/US blogger swap and absolutely loved it – thanks for the heads up about it being available over here! I definitely need some since I still can’t really eat any greens, even in smoothies (boo).


  4. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Those corncakes sound delicious and definitely something I’d snack on. I will look out for them!
    I’m not a fan of flavoured yogurts at all. I much prefer plain with fresh fruit (I feel I get a better deal this way).
    Lately I’ve been loving those Cocofina date and coconut bars. Really tasty and satisfying.

  5. Alice

    Whaaaaaaaat Vitamin C doesn’t help?! You may have just ruined my cold-staving off mechanisms (overdose on vitamin C at the first sign of a sore throat…..)

    • Laura

      Haha, well that’s according to science, I prefer to listen to my body and it works for me!

  6. Nicky

    Those corn cakes are on my list for next time I go to Sainsburys! :) I’m not a fan of flavoured yogurts either, you can’t go wrong with plain greek yogurt then adding your own stuff to it including fresh fruit – also way more filling!

    • Laura

      Oh my god yes, so much more filling indeed!

  7. Rachel

    I think I need shares in Nairns – I get through loads of their fine oatcakes, and the herb & pumpkin seed ones are absolutely delicious. I like to stash a little packet in my bag as an emergency if I need a little something when I’m out.

    I’m with you and the others on the fruit/plain yogurt thing. About this time last year I discovered Tesco Finest Greek yogurt which has to be the thickest creamiest greek yogurt ever, it’s gorgeous. I love it with sliced oranges and drizzled in honey – bliss.

    And my best recent find is inspired by you actually – I picked up a jar of the meridian 3 nut butter in sainsburys this week and am getting through it at an alarming rate, it is sooo good! I can see I will have to only buy it when it’s on offer or for a treat!

    • Laura

      I want to try some of the other flavour Nairns as well, they sound great, especially with some 3 nut butter on top ;-)

  8. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Those corn cakes look fab! I love the itzu rice cakes with dark chocolate- normally I find rice cakes have a weird texture- they sort of stick to my tongue, but these don’t/

    • Laura

      I noticed the itzu ones in Waitrose at the weekend, I’ll have to try them.

  9. LilyLipstick

    I definitely need to try those corncakes! I used to be obsessed with the skinny dark chocolate rice cakes by the same brand but then my work canteen stopped selling them, typical! Love oatcakes too, I just snack on them plain but need to stop being lazy and try them with some toppings. x

    • Laura

      I think it’s still pretty good that you can enjoy the oatcakes plain, at least makes them a convenient snack!

  10. Ms.J

    Argan oil in a body cream sounds good! I tend to stick to tried and tested when it comes to hair, face and body..but I’m open to experimenting with hand and foot lotions :). As off recently I’ve had to change my shampoo to something less oil based..I went for the Natur Vital brand and I’m loving it so far.

  11. kezia

    I have always wondered about those daylight alarms and lamps – but now i am hoping the Sun will start appearing in the mornings…(forever the hopeful brit scot!). Also so excited about your baby news – i love life surprises and adventures :)

    • Laura

      Thanks Kezia! As I type this the sun is rising so hopefully we will start and awake to light now!

  12. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I love Amazing Grass, I really like the high energy lemon lime one with just water. I really like their High ORAC berry one too. I am a big fan of Nutiva’s coconut oil too, I have often ordered huge tubs of it from iHerb. I really like Terranova’s products too.


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