Photo 27 02 2014 17 12 53The lovely congrats card I received from my cousin Beatrice

Well there’s no guessing what kind of month February has been for me, it’s been amazing! Having my scan and being able to tell everyone about the pregnancy has been lovely and right now I’m in a really good place with minimal pregnancy related anxiety and a lot less over all stress. I’ve found that I’m so much more laid back about other things now too! I’ll talk more specifically about the pregnancy starting next Friday with weekly round ups. I’ve already learned so much about myself and my body, goodness knows what I will have learned and experienced by the time September comes round. 

This month has also been wonderful for my business. I’ve had two further projects funded, which along with income from health coaching and writing gives me enough financial security to look at going completely self employed by the end of March. The project I’ve been focusing on this month has been the girls health, wellbeing and body image project where I’m working in a couple of schools and it’s been fabulous. I was so nervous when I started the project but it has been absolutely brilliant and the girls seem to have got a lot out of it. It finished at the end of March with a huge tea party, I can’t wait!

I did ok with my February Self Care Pledge, but meditation has started to slide as sleep takes priority. I have definitely been enjoying lots of relaxing baths though, especially with bath bombs from Lush!

Here on the blog I’ve posted a few tasty recipes including…

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My favourite posts from this month include:

I was also mega chuffed to have the blog chosen as one of the top 5 health blogs and websites on BBC Good Food!



This month I want my focus to be on all things ‘spring clean’ themed. In a traditional sense, I want to get the flat clean, tidy and spruced up as we are hoping to put it on the market very soon. I also want to have more of a declutter. When it comes to my diet, one of the things I love about this time of year is feeling ready for some fresher foods. Salads are still out, although I can have a small amount of spinach, but I am looking forward to making some lovely spring soups like my courgette and watercress, and pea, broccoli and pesto.

Mentally, I feel like I could do with spring cleaning my mind a little! With everything that’s been going on recently it feels a little cluttered in there. When I found out I was pregnant it was like doing a 180 in my head, what I thought was coming up in life has changed completely, and I think decluttering some old thoughts and ways of thinking, and getting my head round all the things that need to be done and considered in the next 7 months will be helpful. 

How was February for you? Do you have any pledges or goals for March?

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