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Cupcakes! Last night I had a girls night in with my best friends and decided to buy these gorgeous cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie. Seriously I just want to live inside that shop! They included a vanilla cake, red velvet, salted caramel and chocolate orange. Such a lovely treat! My pregnant lady alternative to red wine was a bottle of POM juice so at least I had some antioxidants to balance that cupcake out!


This week I’ve been on an avocado kick…

IMG 9090avocado on toast with honey and sea salt accompanied by red pepper slices and almond butter dipping sauce

IMG 9060courgette spaghetti with avocado blended with pesto to make a sauce

IMG 8899turkey black bean taco chilli (the recipe on this page but with black beans added) with greek yoghurt, corn chips, salsa and avocado

For breakfasts I’ve been loving eggs…

IMG 8997banana oatless ‘porridge’ (two eggs scrambled mixed with mashed banana and almond milk) topped with almond butter

IMG 8966porridge with an egg cooked in with full fat coconut cream topped with coconut sugar and more coconut cream

IMG 8981Blueberry coconut flour bake topped with tahini

Of course there have been green smoothies such as this one with kale, pears, banana, detox powder, collagen and chia seeds:

IMG 8985

For dinner, I managed to eat some oily fish in the form of honey smoked mackerel:

IMG 8974

I still can’t stomach salmon at the moment but mackerel seems to be ok and since omega 3’s are so important for pregnancy I’m really making the effort!

Yesterday I was chuffed to bits to find come Coyo in Waitrose:

IMG 9085

I stocked up obviously!


YogaGlo Search Yoga Classes

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Swimming – more on this next week hopefully!
  • Wednesday – Yoga Glo workout
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Gym – 15 minutes bike, 15 minutes cross trainer
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Walk – had planned to go to spin, but feeling pretty nauseous this morning so going for a walk instead

I’ve definitely needed a lot more complete rest days this week. I’m starting to learn that I just can’t push myself as it’s completely counterproductive. On Thursday I was at an event all day and had planned to do a pre natal DVD when I got home but I was exhausted. I’ve certainly learned to accept rest this week! Yoga Glo has been excellent as it has some great pre natal classes of different lengths so I’m hoping to do a little more of those as the pregnancy progresses. 


IMG 9077OOTD: black coat: Zara, fake fur scarf: New Look, denim shirt dress: Mango, boots: New Look

I’ve been liking the denim this week, although dressing is getting a little more tricky as while I’m certainly not showing yet, my clothes are pretty tight – my bra size has gone up two sizes and I’m almost up a dress size at my waist. I had a good clear out and now I’m trying to have a little capsule wardrobe of things I know still fit, look good and are comfortable – mostly floaty tops and tunics, dresses, leggings and jeggings. Yesterday I bought these in the sale from New Look:

Stripy tops

A stripy dress for £8 and top for £5 both in large – they seem to have plenty of space for an expanding bump! They are from a brand called Cameo Rose and the fabric quality seems very good. I’ve also been buying some things from eBay so I’m looking forward to getting those next week. 


Healthy event

It has been another brilliant week, a real highlight was the girls health and wellbeing event I attended on Thursday. A local news reporter from the TV came and did a talk about confidence and body image, there was also a beautician to do the girls nails, a hula hoop instructor (the brilliant Eat, Sleep, Hoop), a printer and book maker so the girls could make feel good journals and a lady showing them how to up cycle their clothes. I brought some recipe sheets and ran a little healthy snack bar with a selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and chocolate chips. It was a great event and I was very proud to be a part of it! Also…

Stocking up on organic beauty products from Holland and Barrett as part of my Spring Clean March Pledge // spending time with my best friends // eating home made focaccia bread baked by one of the ladies at the girls event // healthy ‘mocha’s’ made with dandy blend, cocoa powder and almond milk // business stuff going amazingly well // awesome health coaching clients // telling everyone about the pregnancy!


Well it has been a great week, but the pregnancy exhaustion is taking it’s toll. Most nights I’m in bed before 9pm! I would usually do work quite late so I’m not being quite as productive as usual, but hopefully I’ll be able to get caught up with things like blog reading today :-)

How has your week been? What food / product do you always stock up on if you see it? What’s on your love list this week?

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