13 weeks pregnant

This week has been great! I’m definitely feeling better now I’m into the second trimester, although I still feel some nausea when I wake up it’s quick to disappear after I’ve eaten. My sleep also seems to have improved, although I do still like to be in bed by 8.30, if only to watch stuff on Netflix! I feel like my belly has popped a little more this week, I had to use this kind on contraption to do up my skinny jeans:


I’m also feeling emotional, I cry at anything. Adverts, songs on the radio etc. Then next minute I’m happy again, it’s so weird! My eating is almost completely back to normal which is awesome. I’m still not a fan of plain chicken but everything else, including veggies are good to go! In fact I’m probably in the best place in terms of my relationship with food I’ve ever been. More on that in a coming blog post!

Pregnancy Supplements

I’ve done quite a bit of research on which pregnancy supplements I should be taking. Of course folic acid is essential and although I hadn’t been taking a specific pre natal vitamin before conception, I had been taking a B vitamin complex supplement for energy and hormonal regulation that contained the recommended 400mg of folic acid.

As I was already supplementing for my hormones, most of them have been completely appropriate for pregnancy so I’ve continued to take them. I also purchased a specific pregnancy complex.

IMG 9912

Pregnancy Complex

My pregnancy complex is from Viridian which I believe to be an excellent brand. I’m not a huge fan of super market brands of vitamins and would rather pay a little extra to know I’m getting really good quality.

Magnesium Calcium 

I’ve also continued to take my magnesium calcium supplement from Solgar. Taking magnesium and calcium in the right ratio together maximises absorption. I only take a single pill a day, as there is magnesium and calcium in the pre natal, so the amount I’m taking is in line with the RDA.

Vitamin D

I also supplement with vitamin D which I believe to be essential. I purchased this D Lux vitamin D spray which contains 3000ius. I only take one spray every other day to top up my levels in addition to the multi.

Pro Biotics

Babies are born with very little gut flora, and usually get there’s in their journey through the vagina at birth, so it makes sense to make sure your good bacteria levels are in balance. In addition to this, I also find pro biotics help with my digestion at a time when pregnancy can leave you with consipation, something I’m happy to say I’ve avoided! I get these from Holland and Barrett.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the development of the brain and nervous system for the baby, and of course good for mama too! I always get the Natures Best Fish Oil which is made in the UK and very high quality with a good balance of EPA and DHA. It really is worth paying a bit more for that quality as omega 3 oils can become unstaple and oxidise if not treated correctly.

Magnesium Calm

Occasionally I take some of this magnesium calm powder in a glass of water before going to bed as magnesium has a sedative quality. It’s good for helping with cramps and can also help with digestion. 

As I mentioned in my post on pregnancy nutrition, I am also adding a couple of extras to my smoothies:

IMG 9915

Soya Lecithin

I read about this in the Better Baby Book which is written by the Bulletproof Exec and his wife. It contains choline which is essential for babies development. I got this non GMO soya lecithin and have been adding the odd tablespoon to smoothies to top up the choline I’ll get from the eggs I eat.

Collagen Hydrolysate

I came across this on Rubies and Radishes as she used it in one of her smoothies. Un like regular gelatin, this mixes with liquid and doesn’t gel so it is great added to smoothies. I have the grass fed collagen from Great Lakes. I actually got mine from iHerb much cheaper than this, but they no longer seem to ship to the UK for some reason. Collagen is very high in protein so great for meeting your protein needs in pregnancy. The collagen is also great for supporting the formation of connective tissues and soothing the gut. I’m still trying to get round to making some bone broth so this is getting me some gelatin in. 

One thing I’m no longer taking is maca powder. It seemed that the jury was out on to whether or not maca is safe in pregnancy, and because I know it can have an impact on your hormones I’ve chosen not to take it while I’m pregnant. 

Of course, supplements are no replacement for real food, but in pregnancy with it’s crazy effects on your stomach, it is good to know that you are doing as best you can nutritionally with supplements in addition to what you eat. Don’t forget to always run supplementation past your doctor or midwife if you are unsure on anything.

Whether you are pregnant or not, do you take any supplements? Which ones and why?

*Please note I’m not a doctor or medical professional, so please seek your own advice before supplementing in your pregnancy