How to make super creamy porridge

A good few years ago a lovely blogger posted a recipe for porridge that was made with an egg whipped into it. Can I remember thinking how odd that sounded to begin with, but the bloggers description of how creamy and filling her oats were made me decide to try it. I’m sure glad I did! Unfortunately that blogger is no longer online or I would link to her original recipe, however here is how I make my super creamy custard porridge with all the added healthy protein, fats and nutrients from the egg.

This is a great option if you have to eat early and need a breakfast that is really sustaining. I’ve tried this with health coaching clients who have demanding jobs with no morning breaks for a snack, and this recipe has done the job of keeping them going!

Creamy oats 1

Step 1: Add 1/3 cup or approximately 30g of porridge oats (I use Sainsbury’s Scottish oats) to a pan, along with 1 cup of water or approximately 250ml.

Creamy oats 2

Step 2: Crack in one egg.

Creamy oats 3

Step 3: Whisk the egg into the water and oats until any yolk or egg white has disappeared into the water and it has turned a creamy colour. I just use a fork for this.

Creamy oats 4

Step 4: Place the pan on the hob and turn up the heat to medium. To begin with you don’t need to watch it closely, but after two minutes start stirring the porridge as it cooks. After about 5 minutes you’ll have a super creamy porridge with no signs of scrambled egg. You can add some other ingredients here such as fresh or dried fruit. I sometimes like a mashed banana or some tinned pumpkin. You could also add some sweetener if you need it, and to make a chocolatey porridge, add some cocoa powder. I often add a little pinch of salt to bring out the flavour.

Creamy oats 5

Step 5: Pour into your bowl.

Creamy oats 6

Step 6: Add your toppings! I used fresh figs, tahini, honey and a little sea salt. Nut butter, nuts, seeds, fruit, maple syrup and honey are always good!

On it’s own, I rarely find porridge a filling option (no matter how much I have of it), but with the addition of an egg and the increased protein and fat content, these can keep me going for 5-6 hours. As I’m trying to eat plenty of nutrient dense eggs right now, this recipe is even more useful! If you are vegan, try adding a scoop of vegan protein powder after the porridge has cooked to make it more filling.

If you don’t have time on a morning, try making this the evening before and keeping it in the fridge to reheat in the microwave or give my berry baked oats recipe a try!

Have you tried creamy custardy porridge before? Would you give this a try?

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