How to do more outdoors, even in poor weather!


How to do more outdoors, even in poor weather!



I love being outside but sometimes I really struggle to do more activities outdoors, particularly because of the typically rubbish UK weather! There are loads of studies that show how time outdoors is good for your health. The fresh air, being closer to nature and just the fact that you’ll be more likely to get more physical activity are top of that list. Although summer is approaching, that doesn’t equal good weather in these parts so thinking about how you can deal with rain and wind is a good idea.

There are loads of things you can do to spend time outside and to overcome the barriers that make being outdoors less than appealing. 


Of course walking is the most obvious one, and something I’d really like to do more of especially at the moment. However I do find it difficult to motivate myself to get outside when the weather isn’t great. To overcome that barrier, having specialist clothing and foot ware that keeps you snug and warm can make a difference. Millet Sports have a great range of outdoor clothing and foot ware that can make walking in less than great weather feel more doable. A good umbrella can make a difference as well! Something I’m trying to get better at, is walking to places like the shops or appointments when they can be easily done, no matter the weather.


Back in my running days, I used to love feeling the fresh air on my skin, and I know that since I stopped running, the amount of time I spend outdoors has vastly reduced. The same applies to running as it does to walking when it comes to having the right clothing to make it a more comfortable experience. Personally I loved making myself a new playlist for my iShuffle to get me out for a run on a grey morning.


I think anyone that has done some gardening recently can confirm what great physical activity it is! I’m really chuffed that I now have my little garden to tend to, but again the weather is something that can easily put you off doing it. Having some good gardening gloves and a waterproof gardening mat to kneel on can make all the difference. If you have an allotment I think the same can be said, as well as taking a warm drink with you in a flask.

Go on a day trip

This is yet another thing on my list to do more of, the humble day trip! Planning a day out to the park or the sea side is a great way to get outside and do some walking without it feeling like you are planning to specifically do something for exercise sake. My friend recently took her little girl rock pooling which sounds brilliant, even though they had rubbish weather on the day. Making sure you have warm clothing and a warm drink in a flask is a good way of making the day more enjoyable.

IMG 6284

Basically, making sure that you have the right clothing for the weather is a big help, as well as roping in a partner or friend to keep you company! 

How often do you get outdoors? What are your tips for not letting the weather put you off?

*post in collaboration with Millet Sports. 

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  1. Miss Polkadot

    Being a countryside girl – not living there anymore now, though – I really need my time outdoors. A whole day of sitting inside is getting me anxious and moody hence why I try to make sure to get in at least a short walk every day. Preferably a longer period of outdoor time, though. I’ve recently had to cut out running due to an injury so like you I’ve noticed a decrease in my ‘fresh air time’. And if it’s raining that’s what rain coats and umbrella’s were made for so at least running some errands further from where I live to get in those 20 minutes of outdoor time. I’ve even gone on 1 hour+ walks in rainy weather before – crazy, I know :).
    Your tips are great and I should really plan a day trip sometime soon.

  2. Catherine

    I’m a country girl too, and work outdoors mainly, so I am very lucky! I think it is so important and beneficial to get outside, even if the weather is minging.
    A great tip is if you have a day free, is to get involved in some kind of practical work party (like a Green Gym) for a charity (I work for the Wildlife Trust and we have ones going on throughout the week) as they are SUCH good exercise, free, and you’re actually using your energy to do something useful. My arm muscles are coming up a treat at the moment, just from lugging stuff about all day!

  3. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I love the fresh air, and I like the saying we were always told when I lived in Denmark- there is no bad weather just bad clothes! I think get outside with a waterproof or warm clothes- for me I need boots in the rain because there is nothing worse than wet feet or soggy jeans.

  4. Lucy

    I love being outdoors! I do spend quite a bit of time outdoors with running, plus we do go on day trips like you suggested. It’s definitely good to get some fresh air!

  5. Caroline

    I love being outside and I’m not too worried about the weather. In fact I did a really memorable walk with the ramblers and a few of my friends when the weather threw everything at us rain, sunshine, wind and snow. It was around 9 miles and we walked through it all, a great day. Like you say though we were prepared and dressed for it. Walking boots make it pretty easy and even enjoyable to trudge on through the mud. There is something quite pleasurable about sinking your foot into mud and knowing you won’t get wet feet. It brings out the child in me. Also a pub at the end or even middle. Or if heading up a mountain or somewhere remote a hot drink in a flask and a cereal bar can really hit the spot.

  6. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Outdoors is definitely the way forward. I love it in spring when it’s not too hot. And not raining obviously ;-)
    That’s why I’ve got my road bike as I can’t bear to go to the gym and be inside when I could be outside.



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