23 weeks pregnant

Time is indeed flying, I can’t believe I’m already almost 24 weeks and getting towards the end of the 2nd Trimester! As I’ve been sharing in other posts, generally I’m feeling pretty great right now. Some less great things include a little bit of nausea and a stuffy nose as well as some occasional body image issues, more on that below. I also find warm weather quite draining so heavens help me come July and August!

17, 20, 23 weeks pregnant.jpg17, 20 and 23 weeks pregnant

As you can see the belly is ever expanding and I’m certainly feeling more movement, some days he never seems to stop, I love that though, it is certainly very reassuring to feel the little punches, kicks and pops. However it is still erratic at this stage of pregnancy which does lead to me getting a bit stressed when I don’t feel him move for a while!

I haven’t experienced any real cravings, although I’ve been loving fresh juices recently, and as far as aversions go chicken is still out. I’ve found I’m much preferring vegan and vegetarian meals although I am making an effort to eat oily fish and organic red meat for the nutrients. I just don’t feel like I need meat every single day right now which is different from the months before I got pregnant when I really craved it. My appetite, which is pretty bloody big anyway, seems to have gone up a notch this last week. I’m not letting that become an issue though, I’m just making sure I’m eating good stuff and not letting it be an excuse to go completely off the rails!

Last week me and my Mam went baby shopping. I was super chuffed to pick out a great travel system, the Zoom Trio from Mamas and Papas:

Mamas and papas zoom

We have gone for this but in black as I wasn’t struck on the yellow, and it includes a car seat, pram and buggy attachment. Most importantly it fits in my tiny car boot! It’s quite a budget version but after looking at other models we didn’t see the point in spending more money than we needed to on systems that didn’t look as good to us as this. I also bought some organic baby vests and baby grows in plain white and stripes from H&M and this green stripy number, as well as this gingerbread blanket from Mamas and Papas:

Cute baby boy clothes and blanket

I prefer greens and turquoise rather than the traditional blue for little baby boys :-) I’ve also started to stock up on some organic baby skin care from Green People such as nappy cream and baby wash. 

After a lot of thought we’ve decided to go for a moses basket instead of a co-sleeper based on cost and practicality and have our eye on a moses basket from John Lewis. I’ve got my sister’s old baby bath to come, then we need a changing mat, swing / vibrating chair, some muslins and a couple of bottles. I’m certainly planning on breast feeding but would like to have some bottles in case I need to pump, or in case things don’t go to plan. I’ve started reading a brilliant book on breast feeding which was recommended to me by my best friend who breast fed her two girls. She’s giving me her fancy electric breast pump as well bless her!

So slowly but surely we are getting prepared. I think it hit James at the start of the week when he realised it’s less than 4 months to my due date! 

I’ve started to realise how being pregnant has changed me and affected me emotionally. First up I cry at anything at the moment! I definitely have the pregnancy hormones going on, all I need to see is a little baby boy and I start welling up! I was also discussing with a friend how much more connected I feel to things, I know that having a baby isn’t a prerequisite to feeling connected to the world and life, but being part of that cycle has deepened that connection. I’ve also got a renewed appreciation for my parents now that I can understand what the love of a parent feels like. It’s actually quite overwhelming to realise that I am as loved by my parents as I love this baby. 

On the body side of things, I do have days when I struggle and compare myself to other pregnant ladies. I feel huge to be honest, but generally I’m quite good at shaking that off thankfully. I remind myself of one of my core values: we are all different and beautifully unique. Looking at those pictures above I don’t seem to be expanding anywhere other than my bump and James has been really reassuring about that too. I haven’t weighed myself for months, so I have  no idea where I am with that, but I’m clearly progressing well so I’m happy to leave that until well after the baby arrives! 

Traditional colours for boys and girls? As I said I think I’ll be going for greens and turquoise but I’m sure some blue will slip in somewhere! 

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