A day in the life #4


A day in the life #4


A day in the life

It’s been a little while since I did a day in the life post, but as I always say I do enjoy doing them so here’s another! This is what I got up to last Tuesday which is a pretty standard Tuesday for me these days. As always after I wake up at 6am and do a mini 2 minute meditation, then I make my lemon and warm water:

Lemon and warm water

I turned the computer on and started to check and respond to emails. After that I made breakfast, a tasty buckwheat bowl with fresh figs, peaches, coconut cream and a little rice syrup on top:

Fruit coconut milk buckwheat bowl

I’m still having a thing for buckwheat at the moment! After doing more pottering on the internet and making sure my big summer healthy living giveaway posted ok (still open if you haven’t entered yet!) and did a little yoga. This is my view with my baby bump in the way! 

Baby bump yoga mat

I did it in my pjs and just made it up as I went along, sometimes I really prefer that to a structured yoga workout. After that I got washed and dressed and decided to pop out for a quick walk as the weather was so gorgeous:


I just walked for about 15 minutes then came home and made an iced decaf coffee with koko coconut milk:

Iced coffee

I’m not drinking any hot drinks at the moment, iced all the way! At 9.30 am I had a Skype session with a client, not a health coaching client this time but a business mentoring client! I’m really loving this new area of work supporting others to set up their wellness businesses. 


When we started the call my client was feeling pretty overwhelmed but after it she said she felt much more calm and focused, that made me super happy! I spent the rest of the morning typing up some notes and info to email her with before making an early lunch:

Chickpea salad with tahini dressing

This was salad leaves, roast beetroot and chickpeas with a dressing made from tahini, apple cider vinegar and water. It was really good, although I was eating this at 11.15 so I could get out to my afternoon sessions I was still full from breakfast and struggled to finish it. I got my stuff together and headed out:

Maternity style floral vest and leggings 2

Leggings. Again. They are my maternity clothing comfort! I had quite a busy time after leaving the house: popped to get petrol, called in at my old offices to collect some stuff for my community sessions that afternoon (as I’m still storing some of my stuff there) had a catch up with my old work colleagues then finally went to Aldi to get ingredients for my first community session:

Chicken curry ingredients

For this project I’m working with some young people in supported housing around healthy eating and eating on a budget. We made a very simple but tasty chicken curry! After that session I have a 1 hour break before the next one so I headed to Tesco to get ingredients for the next session including some items I couldn’t have found in Aldi, and some groceries for us. While I was there I picked up one of these almond milk mochas I’d seen Tamzin enjoying on her blog:

Almond breeze mocha

It was ok but didn’t do it for me that much. I also scarfed down an un-pictured pink lady apple. Then it was off to community session no 2! This group is made up of parents from a school where I do some group health coaching with them as well as practical cooking sessions and we bring in different forms of exercise every few weeks. This session they wanted to get some ideas for, in their own words, ‘tasty snacky picky things’. I showed them how to make kale chips, plain popped popcorn, healthy chocolate dipping sauce for fruit and some dips to have with veggies. They loved the kale chips, I was so chuffed! I ate a few of the snacks with them too. After that it was time to pack up and come home. I made a chicken stir fry with ginger, coconut milk and soy sauce for dinner:

Chicken stir fry

James got the same but I added some curry paste and wholewheat noodles to his. For dessert I had some fresh cherries:


So in love with these right now! We watched an episode of Person of Interest on Netflix and cuddled and then I snacked on a piece of Montezuma dark chocolate with orange and geranium I’d been keeping in the freezer:

Montezuma dark chocolate

My parents had brought me the bar back from their trip to Brighton and it was delicious! After that I put on my Macbook Air so I could answer a few emails and generally get myself organised. I treated myself to the Macbook which was a bit indulgent when I also have an iPad, but it’s just so much easier to use for ‘work’ and I can sit with my feet up while using it.

IMac Air

It’s just another little way of being able to be more productive! While I was pottering on with that I painted my nails:

Zoya red nail varnish

Zoya red always! I was totally knackered by 9pm and the bambino was giving me some good kicks so I decided to go to bed, put a random film on Netflix and just lie and enjoy feeling the baby moving about which is one of my favourite things in the world. Before that I ‘topped up’ with a spoonful of peanut butter and some Choc Shot sauce. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with a rumbly tummy so eating something little like this just tides me over. 

Peanut butter and choc shot

And that was my day! I really love my community work and get so much satisfaction when I see people enjoying new healthy things. 

Questions: Yoga in pj’s yes or no? Peanut butter and chocolate, are you a fan? Favourite fruit right now?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake

    It is so great that you are enjoying all the different aspects of your work.
    Yes to peanut butter and chocolate- always! :)

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Maria! Yes I never think there’s a bad time for pb and choc!

  2. Irena

    Have been enjoying reading your blog for about a year now and loving it! :-) Think you’re doing excellent work in peoples’ lives without even knowing it – you have for sure helped me a lot in many aspects. So THANKS!
    PB with chocolate always if fruit isn’t around! (though that is very rarely the case). Fruit – I could literally swim in it right now! Can’t get enough of watermelon, any melon :-), blueberries and apricots (love those!). And also glad there’s soo much British fruit ATM as well!! Strawberries, cherries, raspberries!!!
    Yoga in PJs – probably the most comfy way, I’d think? ;-) Although I don’t do Yoga at all and would love to start but don’t know how and what with at all.
    Have a great day! xx

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Irena! That is lovely of you to say, it’s made my day :-) Mmm all that fruit! Definitely with you on the watermelon front! With yoga you can get videos on You Tube which is a good way to start, or see if you can find a class near you?

  3. Cat

    Your morning is so similar to mine it’s funny! Yoga = ALWAYS in pjs ;) Recently I’ve been practising outside, or away from my laptop so I’ve been winging it on routines too – it’s almost more calming when you don’t hear someone telling you what to do next!

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      I wish I could do it outdoors and totally agree it is so much more calming just doing your own thing :-)

  4. Mary

    Whenever I do yoga or light weights in the morning it’s always in my PJs! So comfy!
    You always manage to fit so much into your day and I love the sound of the projects you’re currently working on. I wish there was more going on like that around where we live, as so many people are unaware of how to eat healthily on a budget. I always mention it but it amazes me the rubbish foods children are sent in to school with because parents don’t know any better.

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Mary, I wish there were more projects like this, it is really sad as I think it’s just a case that people don’t know what they don’t know if that makes sense, especially when it comes to eating well on a budget too.

  5. Lauren

    Ha I do yoga in my PJs sometimes too :)
    Peanut butter and chocolate is an amazing combination and favourite fruit at the moment, between raspberries or peaches! I LOVE that you do work in your community with things like cooking healthy on a budget. SO SO important :)

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Lauren, I agree it’s so important especially these days! Peaches are definitely one of my faves right now too!

  6. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Hehe I always used to do my morning strength workouts in PJs. What’s the point in changing?? Shame I can’t do the same with my morning runs…
    My favourite fruit of ALL TIME, all year round, are apples (but of course). But lately I’ve been addicted to watermelon and big fat blueberries. SO addictive and moreish.

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Haha, yep it might look a bit odd running in your PJ’s ;-) Watermelon is so great at the moment!

  7. Christina

    Oh my gosh, you’re so busy! Sounds like such a diverse and interesting day. Love the sound of your healthy cooking classes. I haven’t heard of the almond breeze iced coffee but it’s awesome that it’s available here!


    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Christina! Yep look out for the coffee, I wasn’t totally struck on it but you might like it! Haha and absolutely yes for the choc and pb!

  8. Nics Notebook

    I’m surprised you’re still standing – you are so busy! YES to yoga in PJ’s – comfiest workout clothes ever :) Love the sound of your buckwheat breakfast too, never tried it before xx

  9. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    What a busy day Laura, you achieved so much! I often exercise in pjs, especially if they’re on the last day before a wash.. is that a bit lazy?! Chocolate and PB is the bomb, I’ve been really craving PB recently.

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Claire! Haha, I think not, I used to do that a lot more when I was working out in the house, I’d just slip a sports bra on!

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Oh heck yes, I love chocolate in the freezer and it does stop me from munching through a full bar!

  10. Tamzin

    Those almond drinks are so good, I must invest in some more! Love this day, very productive and everything looks so tasty x

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Tamzin, I do like a productive day to balance out the more lazy ones ;-)

  11. Tamzin

    P.S I like peanut butter any which way!

  12. Rachel

    Great work with the community sessions – it’s something I’ve often felt I would like to get involved in here in York but not sure how to go about it. I have links to a charity that helps disadvantaged people here so maybe there’s something I can do with them. Do you do your community work through the charity you worked for or through Uniquely Healthy?

    Peanut butter & chocolate – Hell Yeah! M&S do mini tubs of their PB ice cream sometimes – about 400 cals or something insane like that for a tiny tub but totally worth each calorie! And Aldi do some good 70% and 85% dark chocolate in their Moser Roth brand. It comes in little 25g bars so you can nibble without scoffing. And my other gorgeous dark choc tip is some tiny little chocolate buttons called Beyond Dark – a 35g bag costs 70p in Sainsbury’s (only place I’ve seen them) so to me that’s not cheap but you only need a few at a time as they are so intensely flavoured. They do plain dark and dark choc with raspberry which are amazing. One bag will last me about 3 or 4 ‘nibble sessions’.

  13. kezia

    Loving the sound of your community work – sounds ace and glad to hear the kale chips were a winner !

  14. Sarah @ MindBodyPlate

    PB and chocolate is the ultimate, no question. I’ve been known to indulge in a tablespoon or two of peanut butter before bed, though sometimes, I nix the chocolate altogether and instead mix in a little maple syrup and sea salt. x

  15. Lauren (@poweredbypb)

    I love cherries, but I am all over watermelon right now! That salad looks lovely!


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