Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #50


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #50


Salad with feta quinoa avocado pomegranate

Happy Winter Solstice! Can you believe it’s less than a week till Christmas? I am so woefully unprepared, or at least I feel like I am compared to previous years. Having a baby will do that to you me thinks! It has been a busy week in these parts, but I’ve been trying to eat as well as possible that gorgeous salad with quinoa, feta, avocado and pomegranate being a good example…


Festive porridgePorridge with pear and sweet mince meat topped with full fat greek yoghurt

Porridge with pear pomegranate and almond butterPorridge with pear topped with almond butter and pomegranate

Feta onion and red pepper omeletteOmelette with red pepper, red onion and feta

Salad with quinoa and mackerelSalad with quinoa and tinned mackerel

Marks and spencer saladM&S Fruity Chicken and Grain Salad

Slow cooker thai green chicken currySlow cooked chicken thighs with thai green curry and coconut milk and steamed broccoli

Festive protein barsLauren’s festive protein bars – loved these!

On Friday evening we had our first night out since having Finley. Every Christmas we go and see Northern Soul Band Smoove and Turrell. This year we went with our friends Paul and Karen and we went to the fantastic Dabbawal for an Indian feast. I had the delicious Kofta Curry and we shared a range of sides, all gorgeous!

Dabbawal kofta

More on the night out in a mo…


Unless shopping counts as movement there hasn’t been an awful lot of movement this week! It’s a combination of time, weather, and tiredness that conspires against me, all barriers I need to figure out a way of overcoming for next year.


Laura and jamesBlack waterfall jacket: Dorothy Perkins // Stripy dress: H&M // necklace: Topshop

Not the greatest pic but here is James and I from Friday night, it felt good to dress up a little! The jacket was new but everything else I’ve had for ages. I can’t decide if I should leave my hair longer or chop it off again, decisions, decisions! 


This is a bumper love edition this week as there’s been lots of lovely stuff! 


So happy to be able to reveal the recipe book I’ve been working on this year! DK asked me to develop recipes for Grains as Mains now available for pre order on Amazon. It’s insane to see my name on the cover! There are some gorgeous recipes in that book, also…

Gifts for myself

My early Christmas / winter solstice gifts! I had some cash saved from my birthday earlier in the year and along with some Christmas money I’ve been pulling together some treats for myself including the goodies I previously posted about from The Future Kept, some Rebel Kitchen drinks, sea salt caramel truffles, NARS multiple, REN skincare and a fabulous NEOM Christmas Candle. Also…

Finley’s smiles always make my day! // Finley starting to grasp and bat at toys // cuddles from John of Smoove and Turrell // Christmas shopping with my Mam and Dad again // getting more Christmas presents wrapped // filling out my Amazing 2015 Life + Biz planner (more on that in future posts) // getting some better sleep due to our new co-sleeper arrangement! // George Ezra + James Bay, loving their music // a lovely delivery of delicious Booja Booja truffles // a Skype chat with a good friend and new mama, she knows who see is :-)


Do you mark the solstices in any way? It might be the teenage witch in me, but I like to light a candle or do something do notice the gentle way the year changes in nature. When was the last time you had a night out? What did you do?

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  1. Clémentine

    Congratulations on your recipe book! You look lovely with James on your night out! Can’t wait to read your 2015 plans, I loved your monthly pledges and goal making posts! x

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Clementine! I am looking forward to planning for 2015!

  2. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    So so exciting about the book Laura -congratulations!!!! Love the look of all your meals this week :-)

  3. Karina

    Congrats on being an author, very well-deserved Laura!

  4. AJ @ NutriFitMama

    Super exciting about the book!! Awesome! My last night out was last night! My husband and I went to see a movie. It was fun!

  5. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I’m so glad you like the bars- mine are all gone now, will have to make some more! Loving the festive porridge’s too!

  6. Lucy

    You’ve just reminded me to recreate your feta, pomegranate, and avocado salad, it looks so scrum my. I’m currently living off salads/sweet potatoes/fresh soups after my cooker died (student problems, wah). That one has definitely given me inspiration as I’m feeling rather bored of it all!

    CONGRATULATIONS on the book! WOW! I’ll definitely make sure I get a copy of that once it comes out, I’m so so excited for you. Despite not being a huuuge fan of grains, I have no doubt that you can inspire me!

    She’s So Lucy

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Glad I’ve inspired a new salad creation, it must be super frustrating not to have a cooker! Thanks for the congrats, there are some lovely recipes in it, even for none grains fans I promise!

  7. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Wow congratulations about the book! It looks fantastic. You must be UBER proud!
    I have to say I’m just not aware of the winter solstices. I’m not entirely sure what is is if I’m honest… Dark sea salte caramel truffles?? SOUND AMAZING.

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Anna :-) Winter solstice is the half way point of the year when the days start getting lighter! I know, those truffles were calling my name, I couldn’t not buy them!

  8. Lauren

    Massive congratulations on the book Laura – that is amazing news!! Eats look good as always :)
    And I am so unprepared this year too!! xxx

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Lauren! Hope you feel more prepared soon, I’m just starting to relax now!

  9. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Those truffles sound amazing! And congratulations on the book again- it looks fantastic!
    I am always happy when the winter solstice arrives- it means that finally the days will be getting lighter again , so Spring must be on the way. Well, in a few months!


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