Costa coffee

Hello petals, hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! I’m writing this with a slight caffeine hangover from that cappuccino, my first coffee bought from my new local Costa. It might be a bit sad, but I am SO chuffed that I have a coffee shop so close by. As someone that works from home, having a decent coffee shop with wifi in walking distance is pretty awesome as it gives me another option when I just need a change of scenery! This week has been quite a big one in the land of Laura, firstly Grains as Mains was published (more on that in a mo) and secondly Finley started nursery. He was fine thankfully, it was more me that was upset! 


It’s been smoothies and porridge for the win this week…

Smoothie with superfoodsSmoothie with berries, kale, almond milk and tahini topped with cacao nibs and bee pollen

Choc cherry green smoothieMy fave choc cherry smoothie with spinach, frozen cherries, cacao powder, almond milk and a scoop of protein powder

Berry smoothieSmoothie with blueberries, kale, almond milk and a pack of Super Vitality protein powder

Chocolate almond coconut oatsChocolate, coconut and almond butter porridge

Porridge with berries banana and nut butterBerry porridge topped with banana and almond butter

Quiche breakfastCourgette quiche (my egg and veggie muffin recipe baked in a pan) with avocado and banana leftover from Finley’s breakfast and a lemon, honey and turmeric tea

M S superfood saladM&S super wholefood salad

Lentil saladSpinach, lentil and feta salad with dried cranberries

Squash and lentil thai red curryThai red kabocha squash and red lentil curry with steamed greens 

That curry was especially amazing, I want to eat it all over again!


10min Yoga Flow Sequence YouTube

  • Monday – squat challenge
  • Tuesday – 10 minute yoga flow via You Tube
  • Wednesday – squat challenge, 45 minute walk
  • Thursday – squat challenge
  • Friday – 1.5 hour walk
  • Saturday – squat challenge x 2 (because I forgot Friday’s!)
  • Sunday – squat challenge

It’s been a quiet week on the workout front as I haven’t been able to fit in getting to the gym. Next week will be a different story though as I hope that I’ll be settling into a new routine with Finley being cared for a couple of days. I’m hoping I can incorporate some kind of movement on most days with the gym on a Monday, Yoga on a Tuesday, a walk on Wednesday, a gym workout or run on a Thursday, a walk on a Friday and then a run on a Sunday. I really need to pick up the running now the weather has improved, I have 4 races to get in shape for this year (arrgh!)


Mothercare nappy bag

This week I’ve mostly looked like I’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards, but I did see this lovely change bag in Mothercare which is now on my wish list. When I was pregnant and shopping for stuff I didn’t see much I liked, but now I see loads of baby related things I love! I also bought a caddy for the pushchair which includes a coffee cup holder, yes I’m addicted ;-)


Grains As Mains Amazon co uk Laura Agar Wilson 9780241185377 Books

Sooo exciting that Grains as Mains was released on Monday! I think it’s in Amazon’s top 40 healthy eating books which is pretty cool. Also…

Having a coffee with my mama friends // Finley eating up his coyo yoghurt! // photography projects // a great group biz mentoring session // working with new clients // singing along to George Ezra in the car // my best friend being so sweet about the book launch and getting me featured on my old Uni’s website // my parents just being awesome and so supportive 


How was your week? Do you have a coffee shop close to where you live? If you could choose, what local amenities would you love to have near to you?

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