Birthday mocktail

Today I’m 33! Wow, just typing that is weird, it sounds a lot older than 32. Does anyone else do the major life assessment thing on their birthday? I always like to reflect and plan. My 33rd year has, without a doubt, been the most full of my life. I’ve become a mother, and that in itself is a huge shift. I feel like quite a different person to who I was on my 32nd birthday last year.

Before I had Fin, I had grand plans for how I would be on my 33rd birthday. Best shape of my life may have been mentioned, ha! I had no idea how challenging motherhood would be in terms of self care and both the will and the time needed to work on my body. What I have found is a hundred times better though. I may not be in the best shape of my life physically, but I am in the best place I’ve ever been in terms of my relationship with my body and my relationship with food.

My body certainly doesn’t fit society’s ideal, but I am so happy with it! It has carried a baby, given birth to it, sustained the baby with milk and continues to do so. Yet it can still run 6 miles, do Metafit and bend beautifully in a yoga class. I LOVE it and for so long I didn’t think I’d ever feel that way about my body.

IMG 8867

My relationship with food is, given my history, amazing. I can go out and have a coffee and a muffin, but not feel like I’ve fucked up because of eating said muffin. I make conscious choices with food 95% of the time, and when I do eat less mindfully from time to time, I can forgive myself and just get back on with it.

In terms of where I am in life, the only thing I’m not happy with is our living situation. This time last year I was talking about my desire to sell and yet we are still here. I’m not sure if I have some kind of energetic block going on, as for a while I felt very trapped and like we’d be stuck here forever. I do feel that things are shifting now and that it can’t be long. We’ve had 4 viewings in the last two weeks and having sorted out the long standing issue with our lease, it must be about to sell!

Today I’m having a me day and going shopping for my new capsule wardrobe. Yesterday I had a big clear out which has felt so refreshing. I don’t think style should be age dependent, but I do feel ready to dress a little more ‘grown up’ now. I had a proper celebration over the weekend when James and I went out for dinner and cocktails and then my Mam gave me the best birthday present ever, some uninterrupted sleep! She looked after Finley so I could really get recharged. Best thing ever!

I’ve been a bit naughty with birthday pressies and have already got some like my Gym Tote and GHD straighteners, but something I’m on the lookout for today is a really nice leather jacket like this (mucho pricey!) one from Whistles:

Whistles jett leather biker black 03

Looking ahead, there are a few things I’d like to achieve in this year of my life. Spending more time living in the now, doing more activities as a family, seeing more of our little slice of the world and yep, moving house would be awesome!

How do you celebrate your birthday?