Converse and leaves

Hey sweethearts, theres loads of stuff going on with me at the moment so thought I’d share what’s been happening in my world. Gotta love a good old wordy post!

First things first, Wholeheartedly Healthy 2.0 should be going live next week, so I’m taking a mini blogging hiatus from today until we go live! I’ve been working really hard on some new freebies as well as a brand new course, the Mindset Makeover, which I can not wait to launch as I seriously think this is going to be a game changer for so many of you. Overall biz wise I’m just loving it all as usual!

The next huge thing in my life is that we are moving! I don’t want to jinx things by sharing too much, but for now we are living with my parents while things get finalised. We’ve wanted to move for more than 2 years so to finally be making progress is just awesome. I’m one happy bunny! Living with my parents is fine so far, although there’s a lot of travelling for James and I as they don’t live in Durham where James works, and we don’t want to change Finley’s nursery in the interim.


Fin is doing so well at the moment too, he’s just an absolute joy! He’s walking really well and has jumped up a centile in the weight charts. His sleep is still very erratic though and I’ve endured some nights of hourly wake ups which have really taken their toll on me and had a pretty bad knock on effect on my wellbeing. Thankfully he has improved a lot in recent nights and since we’ve moved in here and he has his own room he is staying settled for longer at the start of the evening.

Add to that lack of sleep all the stresses and strains of moving and my self care has taken a nose dive. I don’t mind admitting I’ve had a couple of coffee and sugar fuelled weeks, but as I always say, life happens sometimes and it’s how you get back into your healthy habits that count. Living with my parents in a different town has effected my routines especially with exercise and I haven’t ran, done any yoga or metafit in a few days. I’m considering re joining my old gym as I can go there and work out after I’ve dropped Fin off at nursery twice a week, then by the time I drive back to my parents to work, I will have missed the rush hour traffic. James and I are hoping to get to some parkruns as well as driving to a lovely park for a run on a Sunday.

Food wise it really didn’t take me long to sort that out as I literally feel like crap after a few days of poor eating. I’m keeping it simple with some meals on repeat (think porridge or eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch and a slow cooked chilli or curry for dinner). I’m also working on cutting our grocery bills down, so eating more meat free meals. 

Weight wise, I checked in with it a few weeks ago and I was the same as what I’d been in February plus or minus a pound or two which I’m pleased with. I’m certain that this is my ‘happy weight’ because I’m pinging back to it, although I do sometimes feel like I’d like to slim down. However, when I look at my body in the mirror I quite like it, I just think I would benefit from some strength training to firm up a little. It’s been interesting watching my own thoughts around this because although I do look in the mirror and I’m satisfied, a part of me still wanted to try and lose weight from a pressure to be a slimmer health coach / blogger. I called BS on myself for that one pretty quick. I’m healthy, happy, and I enjoy life. I know that for my lifestyle right now, this is probably close to the best ‘me’ I can be for the moment (although I know where I can make some improvements!) I don’t feel ‘fat’ and if anyone else thinks I am, then they can go fuck themselves basically. This is my healthy and my happy, it might be different to a lot of other peoples, but I’ll take a size 14 dress label over a life of diet obsession any day. Things will no doubt change as my life changes, but for now, I’m happy to eat healthy food most of the time, enjoy my treats and exercise when I have the time to fit it in. 

Now pass me another coffee!

How’s life for you right now? What influences how you think about your size and weight?