January Edit

After a break in December my monthly Edit is back! Here are some of my favourite products from January. 

1. Bearfaced Groceries* – I absolutely love this site! They specialise in carefully locally sourced healthy groceries including everything from fruit, veg, chicken and fish to store cupboard stables. I received a wonderful box of groceries at the end of the year and the fruit and veg was the best I’ve tasted in ages. Their products are pretty affordable when compared to supermarket prices. I’ll definitely be using this store once I’ve moved into our new home to restock our kitchen! You can currently get 25% off your order with code HEALTHYSTART

2. Cru Kafe Nespresso Pods – I am the very happy owner of a Nespresso machine that was gifted to me for Christmas from James. Cry Kafe offer organic recyclable coffee pods for Nespresso machines. While they probably need to refine them slightly (the water doesn’t always flow through the pod properly) they coffee tastes great. I’m hoping they do sort out that issue, as they are a great organic alternative to regular coffee pods. EDITED TO ADD – they actually messaged me on email and said that this issue is now fixed for future batches.

3. Pins to Kill Leggings* – OMG I am in LOVE with these leggings! Launching very soon, Pins to Kill offer custom print design your own leggings of the best quality. I’m no slender model, and honestly wasn’t sure how the leggings would fit me, but they are so comfortable and look so funky. They wash well too. I’ll definitely be purchasing another pair when they launch!

4. EatClean Tea Matcha* – Matcha is everywhere right now and this is a great quality product. As I shared in my latte recipe last week, I’m trying to balance up those Nespressos with some matcha! They’ll be more matcha recipes to come soon!

5. Nakd Bars – good old faithful, I still love these bars and they’ve been a great afternoon treat while I’ve been busy at the new house stripping wall paper. Love em!

6. Vyvebox* – Discover, thrive, revive is the Vyvebox mission. This is a monthly subscription box which focuses not just on food or beauty but a range of healthy products for your wellbeing, home and more. Think supplements, teas, essential oils etc. I love boxes like these, they are great as a little monthly self care gift. You can get 20% if you use code LAURA20. 

7. Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Foods* – Just before Christmas I received an amazing box of gluten free products and baking mixes. James is gluten free so these were wonderful for him. Although the baking mixes aren’t what I would call healthy, they do make a great treat for anyone who avoids gluten. I made a tray of their brownies, one of which was served as James’ Christmas Day dessert and it went down very well topped with vanilla ice cream. 

8. B Fresh Juice* – B Fresh offer a range of cold pressed juices. Obviously at this time of year juice might not be the most appealing, however their Winter Warmer blend of carrot, apple, orange and ginger is a delicious immune boosting option. The ginger adds a bit of warmth to the juice. I enjoyed a couple cold from the fridge, and when it was really cold I added a little warm water from the kettle for a warm smoothie like consistency.

Which new products have you enjoyed this month?

Items marked * are PR samples which I received with no obligation to feature.