Being a mama: Finley at 18 months

Baby and Parenting

Being a mama: Finley at 18 months

Baby and Parenting

FINLEY at 18 months

How on earth is my little baby boy now 18 months old?! He’s a proper little toddler now and as much as I love him at this age, I miss those tiny newborn days (minus the life threatening heart defect of course!)

He’s doing really well and is coming on brilliantly. He’s just moved into a new room at nursery and it didn’t phase him at all. His development seems to be spot on too. The only thing I still worry about is his size as he’s still much smaller than his peers. For those with little ones he’s on the 2nd centile so pretty dinky, and for an 18 month old he’s just got into 9-12 month clothes. The good thing is he’s following that 2nd centile line perfectly, so he’s certainly healthy and just growing in line with that. 

He eats quite well, but I’m looking forward to being more experimental with meals once we’ve moved and I have my own kitchen. He loves porridge, sweet potatoes and green smoothies though!

IMG 0458

We’re still breastfeeding on an evening and through the night (more on that in a mo!) and sometimes during the day. I’m perfectly happy to have an extended breastfeeding relationship and to let him-self wean, although he’s started a habit of pulling at my top now which he’s going to have to stop!  

IMG 0168

Sleep is really shit, there’s no other way to say it. He had a shocking phase at the start of the month where he was waking every 45 minutes! There is such a thing as the 18 month sleep regression, and thankfully he has improved a little, but I know for him to really change it’s likely going to take some intervention from us, and we’ve been waiting until we move to tackle that.

DSC 0064

Other than sleep he’s just perfect :-) James and I adore him, he’s just our little star! He’s got a lovely personality coming through and most of the time he’s full of smiles and chatter, although he has had his fair share of tantrums! He’s saying quite a few words now but especially loves to say Dada and Daddy, no matter how much I try and encourage him to say Mama more often!

As for me, apart from the sleep thing I’m great. I love being a mama and I have to admit I’m kind of looking forward to number 2 in a few years time (if I can convince James that is, he’s happy with just one!) I know I’ve been saying I’ve had a rough patch recently, but once we’re in the new house I feel like I’ll really be able to tackle the sleep issue and find a flow and routine for myself so I can increase the self care. I can’t wait for him to finally have his own room too! Having the support of childcare has been so important, and whilst I still feel some guilt around that, I hate to imagine the situation we’d be in without it from a financial and generally not going insane perspective!

If you have littles, how did you find the toddler years? 

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  1. AnnaTheApple

    Ahh bless him. I can’t believe it’s been 18 months!! Crazy.
    I really feel for you with the sleep thing. I think I could cope with most things, but lack of sleep would be really hard. But it won’t last forever, hang in there!

  2. Maria B

    Wow- 18 months! Time flies! It’s great when little ones start developing a personality. As much as babies are quite cute, they don’t really do much! Children are much more fun when they play and chatter, laugh and express themselves. The sleep must be awful, but you will get through it- just look forward to when he’s a teenager and sleeps until noon!

    • Laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy

      Haha I know I’ll be kicking him out of bed when he’s older! He’s certainly a lot of fun at this age :-)


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