Wholeheartedly Healthy Life: February


Wholeheartedly Healthy Life: February


WH life February

February, no offence but I’m so glad you’re done! Although there’s been some great highlights, generally it’s been a tough one. I’m finally feeling recovered from the flu that took our whole household out and we’ve turned a big corner on our new home renovations.

Honestly, food and exercise could have been much better, but of the good meals I have had I’ve been keeping it simple:

Blueberry overnight oats with chia seedsBlueberry Overnight Oats 

Baked sweet potato with eggsBaked sweet potato with spinach and fried eggs

Healthy hot chocolateHealthy hot chocolate with almond milk

Exercise-wise it hasn’t been great, but I did make it to a yoga class at Happy Yoga Newcastle. I made attending a monthly yoga class a non-negotiable and two months in that’s stuck so I’m very happy!

On the positive side of things I really enjoyed a little jaunt to London to present and host an event for Interface called Love Yourself from the Inside Out where I met some lovely people.

Presenting at Interface

Those people aren’t ignoring me, I’d just asked them to talk about what health and wellbeing means to them! At the very end of the month I was delighted to present at the Blognix Retreat where I talked about self care, it was such a brilliant event and I loved meeting some people I’ve known online for years!

Moo business cards

I even got some new business cards especially for those events!

Other than those things the focus has understandably been on the house renovations. We’ve had a full rewire done, stripped the wallpaper off every room, had every room re-plastered and then had a load of odd jobs doing. As James works full time, most of the organising of stuff is falling to me so it feels like it’s been a massive project. We’ve started painting and just that in itself feels like a huge step forward.

Fireplace with paint swatches

We’ve set a move in date for the middle of March and I can’t wait! The carpets are booked to be fitted and we’ve ordered some new furniture – bring it on! I also noticed that our new garden has cherry trees in it, I can’t wait to see them in full bloom!

Cherry tree

Of course, I’ve also spent loads of time with my Finley. I have a little update post on him coming up later in the week. He’s just a little star!

IMG 1199


My goals for February were to keep up with some basic self care and in all honesty that has been very tough. It’s such an intense period of my life and I’ve learned I probably just need to go with the flow above all else.

March is going to be a bit of a transitional month for me with us moving in the middle of the month and with Easter at the end. I would like to just focus on getting moved and settled in, getting back to the gym, as well as getting a big chunk of work done and then making sure I’m ready to kick some ass come April! I’m also off to the Hay House Event Ignite in London which I’m so excited about!

How was February for you? Do you have any goals / areas to focus on in March?

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  1. AnnaTheApple

    The fireplace looks lovely…OK I know it’s all bare at the moment! but I can really see you putting some lovely touches to it, you’re so creative and have such an eye for these things. It must be hectic but it’ll pay off in the future once it’s all done and lovely :-)

    • Laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy

      I hope so, I’m just happy that it looks more like a house and less like a building site right now!

  2. Maria B

    Your house things are just so exciting! Not long to go now until you can move in- it will be worth all the stress in the end! February seemed to go by so quickly compared to January which just dragged. Hopefully things will move forwards with our house move- we seem to be signing paperwork and paying solicitors every day at the moment!

    • Laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy

      It actually feels like it’s a reality now, countdown has begun and the place is starting to look like a home now instead of a building site! Very exciting about your move too!

  3. Lucy Birchall

    New home business seriously takes over your life, but it’s going to be so exciting to finally move in and start making it your home! I love the great shades by the way – the middle one in particular ;) Our landlady picked a fab muted grey shade for our walls, though I found out it’s Farrow & Ball paint so no wonder it’s so beautiful!!

    I love the business cards Laura! They look so colourful and SO you!
    February hasn’t been too bad for me – I’m really proud of how I’ve progressed and welcomed myself back to proper exercise and gym life. Easing my way back in twice a week with an exercise class has really worked. I’m going to continue to up my game throughout March, I think 1 x Body Balance Class, 1 x Body Pump and, eek, 1 x gym session on my own! I don’t know why I feel so nervous!
    I’m feeling very aware that one of my goals I set myself out to achieve is coming up to its deadline – end of March – so it’s full speed ahead with getting that sorted! Where’s this year going?

    She’s So Lucy

    • Laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy

      It really does but I know it’s all going to be worth it, especially as it’s starting to take shape now! Glad you had a good February and I agree, where is this year going? Too fast!

  4. Tamzin Pettitt

    I’ve been struck down with the dreaded flu and exercise has been the last thing on my mind, back to it next week! Can’t wait to see more on the new house x


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