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  1. Elizabeth Forbes

    Hi Laura, I was interested in your earlier post about self care especially resting during your period, makes perfect sens but I found for me I need to rest during the week before, during the PMT week my blood sugar drops before its anywhere near time for my next meal, I sleep badly due to overheating and a worm of irritation sits in my gut threatening to rear-up and turn into a Basilisk consuming me and all around me in an appalling rage. I was struggling with this when I realised that during a holiday I got through this week without any problem so now I know during this week I need to give myself a big break. Once the bleeding starts it is like a thunderstorm has passed and I feel well and happy again.
    Really the point of the above is about tuning into yourself, something we are all striving to do who read your posts I think.
    Good point about giving back, this week I am going to see where I can give too.

  2. LilyLipstick

    I’m definitely trying to find more ways to give back at the moment with everything that’s going on in the world. If everyone donated the price of a couple of takeaway coffees it would make a huge difference. Talking of coffee I’ve been trying to cut down too – a medium soy cappuccino is £5 here and I was starting to feel ridiculous spending that much! I’m back home next month and planning on donating most of my old possessions to charity as I just don’t need half of what I have these days. x

  3. AnnaTheApple

    Great catch up :)
    Yes I agree about giving back more. I don’t regularly give to charity but like to regularly sponsor people I know doing different things and donating items to charity. But I do think I need to do more – especially things like food banks, where it really does help.

  4. Maria B

    Such a lovely idea :) I do give each month to a charity, but I think I could do more- if I go to a shop I sometimes put something in the food bank box but as we get shopping delivered it isn’t something I think of all the time. I still have some things from the move (a year ago!) that I haven’t taken to a charity shop yet- it’s a summer holiday job now but it will get done.


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