Life lately + #wholeheartedlyspreadthelove


Life lately + #wholeheartedlyspreadthelove


Hello there dear reader, how are you? And I mean how are you really? No need to give the standard ‘oh I’m fine’ response here. When I think of the world right now I think of this quote from Robert F Kennedy:

‘There is a Chinese curse which says “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.’

Too true.

To share how I’m feeling, well, it’s a mix of emotionally drained from what we’re seeing happening in the world right now, and inspired by the hope and kindness that’s being shown in response to it. I love this article about maintaining your emotional wellbeing during tragic news events as a reminder to how important self care is when it feels like the whole world has gone to shit. I’ve also been thinking a lot about my days as a youth worker and working with charities (my job before I started doing this full time) and I feel sad and kind of disconnected from that, when it felt like a really practical way to do something to help others.

While obviously I believe that being well and working on your own wellbeing is very important, and actually key to being able to fully show up in this world wholeheartedly and make a difference should you wish to, it feels kind of unimportant and irrelevant when there’s people whose biggest problem is putting food on the table full stop. A bit of a paradox in itself, but more on that in just a sec…

In other areas life is going pretty well. I’m loving being on Twitter a lot more (although maybe not the best move when it feels like the world is going to shit!) Do come and follow me @lauraagarwilson here, although fair warning I’m not just posting wellbeing stuff but general randoms as well!

On that note I’m also really enjoying music again. I found I was listening to BBC Radio 6 and then a bunch of business related podcasts, which of course can be awesome, but checking out some new music is a little bit of escapism for me. Topping my Spotify playlists these days is Beth Ditto, my local lads Maximo Park and the new Foo Fighters track, often on repeat and sung along to very loudly.

Personal wellbeing wise I’m in probably the best place I’ve been in a long time. I’ve found my groove with movement and eating well feels pretty effortless for the moment. Self care is also good, although my body is telling me quite loudly that I need to reduce my beloved coffee, something I always resist because I love it so. I’m tracking my menstrual cycle and making self care adjustments as I go which, let me tell you, is a total game changer. Watch for my interview with Claire Baker coming to the Whole & Healthy LIVE podcast soon for more on that.

I’m managing money well right now too, I had felt like I really wanted to do one of those 0% money transfers on my credit card because obviously I need that new bedside table from Habitat and shopping spree on Oliver Bonas. Thankfully I made myself sit on the decision for a week and then realised I’d much prefer being debt free than have that bedside table or Oliver Bonas goodies.

Related to this is continuing to have a more minimalist attitude to possessions in general. My capsule wardrobe game is strong, and I finally feel like I have a handle on my style. Something that’s made a huge difference has been working on practising the belief that I am, in fact, beautiful and attractive and dressing as if that was the truth. Little shifts like wearing more cropped length tops (not full on crop tops though, lol), sundresses and bright orangey red lipstick have been the result, and while I might catch my reflection in a shop window and briefly think, ‘What the fuck Laura?’ I’m getting quicker at reminding myself it doesn’t actually matter because as Beth Ditto says, you have 0% power over what people think of you and 100% power over what you think of yourself, so why waste the energy?

So that’s my life lately, how about you?

Looping back round to what I mentioned at the start, I’ve been thinking about how I can more conciously give something back and just do something – anything to help others. These are a few of the things I’ll be doing over the next few days, and if you feel called, then I’d love you to join me:


– Donating food to a local food bank – most supermarkets will have a food bank donation area at the exit area or you can Google your local food bank to find out how to make a donation.

– Donating some toys, furniture, clothes, etc to a local charity shop

– Making a monetary donation to a charity whose work you believe in

– Giving someone a compliment

– Whenever you think a nice thought about someone, telling them rather than keeping it to yourself

– Doing a good deed – that might be volunteering your time

Honestly I had a bit of a block around sharing this because I don’t want it to come across as preachy or gimmicky, all I really want to do is maybe inspire this community – you – to spread the love! 

If you want to join in on social media too (totally optional of course) then use the hashtag #wholeheartedlyspreadthelove or tag me @lauraagarwilson just so I can come and thank you for joining me!

How’s life lately for you? Will you be joining in my #wholeheartedlyspreadthelove challenge?

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  1. Elizabeth Forbes

    Hi Laura, I was interested in your earlier post about self care especially resting during your period, makes perfect sens but I found for me I need to rest during the week before, during the PMT week my blood sugar drops before its anywhere near time for my next meal, I sleep badly due to overheating and a worm of irritation sits in my gut threatening to rear-up and turn into a Basilisk consuming me and all around me in an appalling rage. I was struggling with this when I realised that during a holiday I got through this week without any problem so now I know during this week I need to give myself a big break. Once the bleeding starts it is like a thunderstorm has passed and I feel well and happy again.
    Really the point of the above is about tuning into yourself, something we are all striving to do who read your posts I think.
    Good point about giving back, this week I am going to see where I can give too.

  2. LilyLipstick

    I’m definitely trying to find more ways to give back at the moment with everything that’s going on in the world. If everyone donated the price of a couple of takeaway coffees it would make a huge difference. Talking of coffee I’ve been trying to cut down too – a medium soy cappuccino is £5 here and I was starting to feel ridiculous spending that much! I’m back home next month and planning on donating most of my old possessions to charity as I just don’t need half of what I have these days. x

  3. AnnaTheApple

    Great catch up :)
    Yes I agree about giving back more. I don’t regularly give to charity but like to regularly sponsor people I know doing different things and donating items to charity. But I do think I need to do more – especially things like food banks, where it really does help.

  4. Maria B

    Such a lovely idea :) I do give each month to a charity, but I think I could do more- if I go to a shop I sometimes put something in the food bank box but as we get shopping delivered it isn’t something I think of all the time. I still have some things from the move (a year ago!) that I haven’t taken to a charity shop yet- it’s a summer holiday job now but it will get done.


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