Gourmio Authentic Italian Recipes Review


Gourmio Authentic Italian Recipes Review


When we decided to get married in Italy just over 9 years ago, I hadn’t immediately thought that one of the most magical things about that experience would have been the food! I ate some of the most delicious meals of my life out there, and now whenever I can get to a family run Italian restaurant I’ll take the opportunity to enjoy something special.

Although Italian inspired cuisine can be fairly easy to recreate at home, it’s often missing something special compared to that authentic Italian experience. Gourmio create authentic Italian dishes and deliver their recipes boxes direct to your door so you can enjoy that something special in your own home.

Gourmio’s mission is to help home cooks discover the authenticity and simplicity of Italian cuisine. Their recipes are made with 100% Italian sourced ingredients from Italian food producers. The recipes are also delivered to you by next day delivery in wool insulated boxes so you know the ingredients are really fresh.

What I enjoyed about the recipes I tried is that they are really simple to create. Unlike other recipe boxes that do take a little more preparation, most of that has been done for you already, so for my recipes, it was mostly a case of just warming sauces and combining with the pasta.

The recipes available on the website are really impressive and include starters and main courses. Dishes like Roast Pork with Wild Fennel and Octopus Elba style are alongside traditional Lasagne and Spinach and Riccota Tortelli – which were the two meals I tried. I have to admit, I first wondered what would set these apart from a meal I could just make with supermarket ingredients, however I was very impressed with both – believe me when I say you can tell the difference!

The Ricotta and Spinach Tortelli with Maremmano sauce and Caciotta meal was so tasty and really simple to make. The Caciotta cheese was so good and not really like any cheese I’ve tried before. 

The Lasagne Alla Bolognese was just amazing, it was easily better than what I’ve eaten in a restaurant. I think it’s the meat and seasoning in the sauces and just how fresh it tasted, it was so delicious!

Both meals were made with egg pasta which added to the fresh taste of the meal. Both of them also took me minutes to make, which as a busy mum scores some big bonus points for me!

The meals cost around £14 – £15 each and serve two.

You can find out more about Gourmio on their website here and see all of their current recipes here.

Have you tried a food box delivery service? What do you love about Italian Cuisine?

*post in collaboration with Gourmio

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