How to do self care more consistently

Lifestyle, Self Care

How to do self care more consistently

Lifestyle, Self Care

Whether it’s eating well, exercising, meditating or any kind of positive habit, something a lot of us struggle with is doing it consistently. We all wish we could start a habit and have it stick, but so often life can just get in the way and make it hard!

I do sometimes think we can beat ourselves up over our lack of consistency – sometimes we don’t need to be as ‘consistent’ as we think, we just need to reframe how we think of it!

But If that sounds like you and you wish you were able to do things to take care of yourself more consistently then read on…

Define consistency

The first thing to consider is what consistency actually looks like for you. Weekly? Daily? Twice a week? Depending on what the helpful habit is, it could be that you just need to set a realistic expectation of what consistency looks like for you around that thing. A lot of people expect themselves to do something more often than is realistic and when they don’t achieve that it’s easy to get fed up and then stop bothering all together! Also try and consider the phase of life you’re in (like new motherhood for example), and try not to compare yourself to how you used to be and expect the same level of consistency you had when you were hitting the gym 20 years ago!

Get support and accountability

It’s so much easier to keep things consistent when you have some support from other people. Maybe that’s starting to go to a fitness class once a week with a group of friends. They can also help you stay accountable!

Try a habit tracker

A habit tracker is a simple table with the days of the month down one side and your desired habits at the top. Each time you perform the habit you tick the box. Habit trackers are especially good for things you want to do each day, but might not be as helpful for things you do less often, but still consistently.

Planning + scheduling

Maybe one of the simplest things but something that always slips my mind is planning! When I’m most on it, sitting down at the start of the week and planning meals, planning when and how I’m going to move my body etc all makes me 100 times more likely to be consistent. Then scheduling in exercise, or even scheduling in things like meditation can be helpful if like me you live by your Google Calendar!

When you plan ahead and take some of the decision making out of things it makes it so much easier to stick with!

Check in with your mindset

If even after trying some of those tips you’re struggling it could be that your mindset is to blame. Your mindset so often comes into play when it comes to doing things consistently, if you have a limiting belief about your ability to eat well for example then it’s going to be so hard to keep it going!

If you want to explore your mindset further then why not check out my free course below!

I’d love to know what you think, leave me a comment and tell me which one of your tips you’ll try!

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