Manifesting, Money Mindset and Copywriting with Sandra van der Lee


Manifesting, Money Mindset and Copywriting with Sandra van der Lee


Sandra van der Lee is the brains and the badass behind Damn Copy where she writes sales copy for biz owners. Aside from copy written for you, she also runs a copy template shop where you can grab great copy without the custom price tag..

I was delighted to be able to have a conversation with her on The Wholehearted Business Show where we talk about everything from manifesting, money mindset, making big business changes and of course, copywriting.

Tune into learn:

  • How Sandra changed her business direction when she realised she was no longer enjoying her work
  • The role that money mindset has played in her journey and her favourite money mindset mentors
  • How she went from having 80 Euro in her account to 10k months in less than a year
  • The biggest mistakes she sees coaches making when it comes to writing copy
  • Tips on how to improve your copy when selling your services as a coach
  • And loads more!

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Sandra is kindly offering you a 30% discount if you purchase any of her copy templates before Tuesday 8th February 2022, just use code WHOLEHEARTED.

Check out the Copy Template Shop here (affiliate link)

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